What is the Gulf in terms of scientists and ordinary travelers?

Perhaps give an approximate answer to the question of what the bay can every modern student.It's simple enough.

However, this article will tell you more about what is this element of the earth's surface, as well as readers will learn about where to find the most beautiful and the most unusual part of the world's oceans on a map.

Section 1. What is the bay?The general definition of

Under the Gulf should be understood part of the lake, sea or ocean, which juts into the land, but it does not lose water exchange with the main pond.

From a scientific point of view, the bays are divided into:

  • Lima;
  • Bay;
  • lagoon;
  • fjords;
  • harbor.

usually on the status and the chemical composition of the water inlets are not different from the main body of water, so unenlightened man is hard to say just what the bays.But sometimes the climate and especially the continent can make its own specificity and uniqueness.

The biggest (and hence the most famous) are the bays:

  • Biscay;
  • Alaska;
  • Great Australian;
  • Bengal;
  • Guinea.

Section 2. The most beautiful bays

According to travelers, almost all the territory of such a plan are particularly picturesque.They like to relax like the locals, and many tourists.Unity with nature is especially important in today's rapidly changing world.However, there are places that can deliver a special aesthetic pleasure.

As an example, the Table Bay (Table Bay) and False Bay (Bay of the Fall), which are located in southern Africa, not just at the point where it joins the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Bay are the largest in this part of Africa.Start with a width of 10 kilometers is named in honor of Table Mountain, Cape Town's city business card.

those who love the sea surrounded by land, be sure to visit Nha Trang Bay, which is located in Central Vietnam, namely in the provinces of Khanh Hoa, on the South China Sea.The total area of ​​the bay is 507 kilometers - from the Cape to the Cape of Dong Pa Cape.

Section 3. Where is the most unusual planet Bay?

stunning location can be considered Elizabeth Bay (Galapagos).Why is that?The fact is that here, except for the haunting landscapes, there is also quite unique flora and fauna.Where else can you find such untouched by civilization mangroves?In the wild, these plants are, unfortunately, rare.In order not to harm the grass, boat tours are offered.However, even in case of emergency to land in a place it will be very, very difficult.

What's Bay?Is it just water, land, and some, though quite rare flora?Of course not.For example, in the Gulf of Elizabeth still lives and a lot of animals, most of which are unique, perhaps, is regarded as the Galapagos penguin.