Karst lake - unique creation of nature

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nature of our planet is unique.Interestingly, there is nothing in the world steady, everything changes.We've learned that the major changes in the environment depends on the nature of man.However amazing metamorphosis associated with karst lakes.That is karst lakes, this article will tell.

What is it?

Karst - a layer of soil, consisting of soft rocks, which, because of their properties a person uses in construction, t. E. Limestone, gypsum, surface sulfate origin, and so on. D. Groundwater, having fluidity, blurring such layersand the resulting gaps are formed which are filled with water.Most often it is fresh.However, if the layers are composed of rock salt, it can turn salt water, saturated sodium minerals in it.This forms a karst lake.It may occur either on the surface or below ground in a cave, which also appear due to the formation of voids in the layer of rock.These caves are also called karst.

Features origin

karst lakes - a pit filled with groundwater.It is formed as a result of the failure of the soil layer, consisting of soft limestone rocks.The water in these ponds is clear, because there is sand on the bottom, but only light limestone mineralized and purified from harmful biological contaminants.Therefore, it can be called a "living".This body of water is heated to a temperature of not swimming due to the large number of springs, delivering underground water to the surface.Animals in such little lakes, but fish is found.As she gets there and what to eat - a mystery!Unlike conventional, karst lake boasts water that even the coast free of duckweed and reed vegetation.

Wandering Lake

karst lakes may be short-lived, because the underground water eroding limestone formations can change direction or go deeper.Then they disappear, and only the associated legend.Wandering Lake are located in different parts of our country.In the Arkhangelsk region is a reservoir of salmon that repeatedly went into the ground.Once every few years, it appears and then disappears alpine natural reservoir in Dagestan Rakdal-cold.In Vytegra district in Vologda for three days disappeared Kushtozero.Shimozero located near the Onega, surprised residents of nearby settlements, not only by the fact that at the beginning of the summer is filled with water, and the fact that the autumn of its content goes underground.This lake has a round basin that resembles a funnel, because the water in it turns.It is a place the locals called the Black Pit.

Thermokarst and tehnogennokarstovye lake

emergence of karst lakes connected with the change in temperature in different areas.With an increase in mean annual air temperature begins to melt a layer of ice in the permafrost regions, voids, the surface of which falls through and filled with melt water.So formed thermokarst lakes.In addition to this type of reservoirs, there are tehnogennokarstovye education.Most often they are formed in the human development field rocks that served him building material.The galleries and the abandoned quarries, but the void contributed to the emergence of new karst caves and lakes.So, apparently, and this time not without human intervention.

karst lakes Samara region

examples of karst lakes can be found in various areas of the country, although these facilities are still poorly understood.They engaged in their studies mainly local divers.Pearl Samara land - Zhiguli Mountains, consisting mainly of limestone rock - contains a large number of karst caves and lakes.

One of them called the Blue Lake.Located in the district of St. Sergius of Samara region near the village of Old Yakushkina.It has a round funnel and intense blue color, for which he received the name, supplied with water from sulfurated springs.There is a belief that if a man in his mid-zaplyvet, it may tighten the giant bubbles rising from the bottom.There was a lake, according to preliminary data, 250 years ago.And it is called dead because of the complete absence of life in it.Also interesting is the White Well water body which is located close to the village in the upper Shiryaevo Shiryaevo ravine.The name may well point to the bottomless depth of the lake or on a special freshness, transparency, good water quality.This reservoir is a natural object of national park "Samara Bend."Another lake "Samara Onions" was named for the event that the old-timers remember the village Ascula.30-40 years ago the level of karst lakes in the upper Askulskogo ravine to the north-east of the village suddenly rose, water gushed out of him in a ravine.Hence the name "Potopnoe."

Thus, karst lake - a unique scantily natural phenomenon that contains a lot of mysteries and secrets.