How best to explain what thawed patch?

Thawed patches appear in early spring when frost is still not fully receded, but the warm breath of March is already beginning to be felt.It was in this period already want to replace the heavy winter clothes on demi.Every person living in temperate regions, knows what thawed patch, but often has no idea what it's called "scientifically."


appears thawed patch - a small thawed snow from the site, most of all - around the trees.This site stands out against the background of a winter landscape yet because thawed snow exposes black damp earth.When thawed patches appear, you can safely throw grandma woolen scarf on the far shelf and winter coat carefully and very slowly unbutton.There is a phenomenon everywhere gets snow: in fields, parks, plantations and groves dedicated.Many people think that thawed symbolize new life and hope, because they - the first news of spring along with the joyful singing of the birds.

Fairy spring and brightest name

value of certain words is clear at least some have due to their sound, and just this is true of the word "thawed patch."The lexical meaning of the word is guessed at only one glance at its root "tal", which in itself is associated in humans with the spring and warmth.The analogy can be carried out, and with erased metaphor "the heart thawed."As everyone knows, this process is a positive outcome of the situation, because people forget grievances, let them and turns the page of life.It may also mean that the person was deeply moved and felt compassion for anyone.And so in early spring nature likes to slobber and cover the ground thawed.If a small child asked you what thawed patch, you can tell him that that spring out from under the snow blanket to shield the earth green grass, foliage and bright flowers, replacing monotonous winter.

about words and hopelessness

course thawed are not only in the snow.Any thawed by frost, ice or frost localized portion, too, so called.For example, when a person breathes in the frozen glass on its surface can form such a circle of melted.All known since childhood that is thawed patch, but the name everyone gives to this phenomenon solely the author's.The very same word "thawed patch" can be found except in the poems of Russian classics, but certainly not in the everyday language of today's youth.The word sounds a bit old-fashioned.Maybe soon it will replace English counterparts and begin to actively use, and the word "thawed patch" sink into oblivion.It is hoped that contemporaries did not expunged the word of the Russian language permanently, because it not only sounds good, but also reflects the culture a little Russian-speaking person.

importance thawed

The earliest occurrence of the term thaw in the middle climatic zone is the 3rd of March.Sadly, early spring refuses to come, and in February, "clings to the ground his teeth," and did not want to leave.By this time, people are tired of the cold winds and frost, and the first thawed Reacts violently delight.They know what thawed patch, though not call this phenomenon "officially".This means that very soon will be walking without a hat, scarf waving unnecessary walking in an unbuttoned coat and not worry about what lips cracked from the cold.At the same time begin to rejoice and animals: birds make new songs, happy cats begin to show his nose in the street, and the dogs are playful and even helpful.Thawed - the first and most sure sign of spring.