Rank in the Crossfire and team play

Crossfire is one of the most popular shooters, where each player is to master the command type of game.Of course, not everyone in this endeavor, because everyone thinks differently.Accordingly, not all get to play in the team.If you are just planning to start a career in the Crossfire, then we are sure you can tell that you're a single type is not leave.If you get to interact with his team, then in that case you can without any problems to start passing, thus overcome the difficulties will be much easier.In fact, a new title in the Crossfire can be obtained only with the help of his team, although there are some players who are making the results of back-breaking labor in the single-player mode.Fighting one is actually pretty boring.Today we decided to talk about what are the Russian title in Crossfire.Also explain how you can get them.


Let's first talk about the basic rules of team play, as not all players at all understand what it is and how to act in certain situations.If you decide to join the union or its collected, whereas during the battle in any case should not hide behind friends, this is the most important rule, because you have to act according to certain tactics amicably and without pity.


If you wish to receive a new title in Crossfire, then do not make such stupid mistakes, as the team opponents can shoot not only your partner but also a player who will be behind him.If you do not know the important rules on how to move the location, then we will respond to this question.It is best to go in all directions, as may the opposing team has already won the battle space, or move the whole group.In case of a group, you can start a fire from different sides, and it is a significant advantage to your team.


title in Crossfire you will be hard to get into if you will constantly adhere to a single player, since your opponent can get to both of you, if you include a special mode spacing bullets.If you're on the go, then be sure to check all the places that may hold the opponent and be alert, and in case of danger to warn his team.Many players say that the title to get the Crossfire is not so difficult, but in fact it is not.If you know how to lead a team game, then you present all the chances to increase.


As often have questions concerning this or that title in this game, we try to sort out this issue.So, if the character less than 913 points of experience, he admits greenhorn.The following series (until 1825), corporal (up to 1825).In the next step you can get the rank of junior sergeant.It is produced by the players with experience levels from 3193 to 5017. Next in line sergeant (up to 17785).Here it is possible to purchase the PSG-1 and USP 45. This is followed by the senior sergeant (up to 78,661).You can buy a Type89 and AK-47.This is followed by the foreman (up to 174,421), and the second lieutenant.To obtain the latest title is needed from 174421 to 326 725 units of experience.Next Lieutenant.It should be from 326,725 to 771,781 units of experience.This is followed by the senior lieutenant (up to 1,333,573), capital (up to 2,057,701), Major (up to 3,465,372) and Lieutenant Colonel.For the last title of need from 3465372 to 5319183 experience points.Followed by Colonel (up to 8,026,911) and Major General (up to 11,186,421).The next rank of Lieutenant General.To obtain necessary 11186421. Next is Colonel-General.The title is awarded after 20952801 experience points.On the penultimate stage is General of the Army (up to 26,564,451).Finally, in conclusion, you become a marshal.As you can see, the players in the Russian title of Crossfire assigned operating in the armed forces of the Russian Federation.