I'll find a babysitter, if you do not cope with raising children

Today, many young mothers, some of whom are my friends, hire a babysitter for your child.However, many people believe that a good mother should be engaged in education of their children by herself.After a child, so he grew up happy, you need a warm and motherly love.Indeed, even a good nurse can not replace a child's mother, but to help her advice and take over part of the job it can.Only need to choose the right nanny for their baby .

In earlier times, almost all representatives of the Russian intelligentsia had tutors or Bona.Then, this tradition faded, but recently began to revive again, because nurseries and kindergartens are not enough, and the grandmother is not at all.Besides grandmother often just "sit" with their grandchildren, and not engaged in their development.And my grandmother often insist on the old methods of feeding, education, development of children who are out of date.So I'd better find a babysitter , which has experience in caring for children and owns modern methods of education.

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Today we know a lot of games and physical exercises, which are designed for children of different ages.Competent and experienced nanny owns this information and knows all the features of the development of young children.Her responsibilities include feeding, bathing, walking, as well as room cleaning the baby, laundry and first aid. qualified nurse can make baby massage when he had a sore tummy.In short, it is an indispensable assistant for those mothers who can not cope with all the chores on their own.To not bring yourself to a nervous breakdown, I also find a babysitter , if you do not cope with bringing up children on their own.

Today, at bus stops and in the newspapers full of personal ads in which babysitting services inexpensive.But trust the most expensive - the child, stranger?After all, there were cases where the negligence of the nurse with the child had trouble, or it was provided or navodchitsey ordinary swindler, who at the first opportunity to hide, "taking the good."Therefore, the choice of the expert must be approached very cautiously.But in order to get to know the person a little check his passport, must have also knowledge of psychology.Therefore, although this kind of service the private ads are much cheaper, I'll go to the agency for nannies , where the selection of the candidates is carried out on a competitive basis.

strong & gt; Agency staff will pick up a few contenders that are suited to the requirements of the parents, after a conversation with that and select the most suitable assistant.If after a few days it turns out that she somehow did not fit the criteria, or simply ill, the agency will soon pick up another candidate.All the contenders are carefully selected, so random people in the agency there.In addition, some agencies organize training courses for babysitters .Demand for these professionals is very high.Search nanny among their friends is not worth it, because if they do not fit this role, it is possible to spoil relations with them.