Treatment of influenza in pregnancy

According to the static data of a person spends about 6 years of his life with a runny nose and sneezing.With the flu virus known to every woman, because diseases such as SARS and the flu - lead the list of the most common diseases.A man so accustomed to the flu that does not perceive it as a serious illness.Such an attitude can be deadly, especially for pregnant women, which is much more difficult to make the treatment of influenza, so as not to harm the baby.Treatment of influenza should be started as early as possible, without waiting for the deterioration.Risk of influenza that symptoms may not occur for up to 4 days.


flu Influenza can not be infected because soaked feet, because the flu is an infectious, viral nature.To pick up an infection, you need direct contact with the patient.Treatment of influenza will depend on the variety, of which there are three A, B and C. Influenza A distinctive feature is that the person who is ill with a disease, may become infected again and again, and not become immune.This distinctiveness of illness connected with constant mutations of influenza, which lead to the emergence of new pathogens.The culprit is a seasonal epidemics most dangerous influenza A.

dangerous period of infection

most dangerous period of infection for pregnant women is the third trimester of pregnancy, when a woman is weakened and susceptible to infection.Treatment of influenza just need to start as early as possible, because according to statistics the disease is very difficult with a mass of all sorts of complications.Infection reduces the body's resistance to other diseases and pathogens.The immune and endocrine system, there are serious violations.Typically, in this period have an effect chronic disease, which may include arthritis, tonsillitis, pyelonephritis.


Treatment of influenza begin immediately after onset of symptoms, which include fever and intoxication.The fever, which is characterized by fever, muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, begins suddenly, and it seems incredible that a man was ill, it is only five minutes ago was completely healthy.Temperatures in the early days is 400C, it is in a period of 3-4 days is necessary to bring the temperature down.Nasal congestion - one of the symptoms of the flu.You may experience abdominal pain, nausea.After 3 days the period of intoxication arises nasal congestion and cough.

impact of influenza on the child

If influenza during pregnancy carries a term of 12 weeks, the consequences can be very severe for the child, as in this period the child's internal organs.The virus can cause birth defects that affect primarily the central nervous system, the child may even die.On the second and third semester of pregnancy flu is not as dangerous, but highly probable violations, which include, for example, fetal hypoxia, disturbances in the respiratory system, may occur fetal growth retardation syndrome.Influenza can directly lead to complications during pregnancy as severe blood loss.

combat influenza

In the first few days of bed rest flow flu is not just recommended: it must always be observed.The room in which the patient, it is necessary to ventilate as much as possible.You also need to wet cleaning.A special role in the disease play host to a food that should be nutritious and easy to digest.From the drink can be consumed green tea, natural juices, compotes.Medication during pregnancy should be taken with caution.You can use drugs, only those that are prescribed by a doctor, no cure yourself.

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