Motherlode - What is and where it came from?

Many of the words we use now for a long time have lost their original meaning, so in terms of confusion continues to grow.The Russian language includes new expressions whose values ​​are very few people understand what can we say about the origin.For example, Motherlode.What?Let's try to understand the origin and look at the origins of the concept.


Motherlode, translation of which we are going to see, it is not coherent word or concept.It is generally rubbish, consisting of two halves.For the introduction of the definition of the term, if you can call it, it is necessary to understand where he came from.

given set of letters (words) was first used in the computer game The Sims.Probably all know what kind of game.For those who do not know, it is necessary to clarify that this is a simulator of human life.You create a family selite it into a cozy little house and live a real life.Go to work, clean, cook, do repairs, doing their hobbies, communicate and build relationships with other people.Motherlode - what is in the "Sims"?This code gives a certain amount of money.He worked in the second and third parts and credited to the account of "Sims" of 50,000 dollars.

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Now let's get down to an analysis of the word by the value for those who want to get to the bottom of word formation.If you try to use any translator, then by entering the term, you get nothing.Therefore, we can only break it down into simple components.For example, in the Russian language the word "tire".Tires and installation (mount).So, motherlode - what is it?

As for the mother, probably, everyone, even to learn English in school, know the translation of the word "mother", "mother".Most native that can be for everyone.

But the word lode is a little more complicated.It translates as "lode, deposit, deposit".

It turns out that individually these words have meaning, and together are a complete nonsense.


Yet.Motherlode - What's that?Based on the concepts we have found and translated, it is possible to draw some conclusions.Since lode translated as "deposit", and the word is, in turn, can be translated into English, as the bank, deposit, the picture becomes much clearer.

Motherlode - is, roughly speaking, the bank, the deposit account of the mother.By adapting this concept to the game, and the Russian language, we can say that this phrase is a kind of inheritance or maternity capital that you pass using code to your children in the game.That's all.It turned out that if a little knowledge of English, then disassemble the strange word formation - simple.