What are the samples of silver?

Some may be surprised by the fact that jewelery is rarely manufactured from pure material.This is due to the properties themselves, and precious metals, and the fact that pure gold or silver is rarely get.Clean products often have a different color and exhibit different characteristics.

What are silver samples and where they came from?

Silver, like other precious metals, alloying materials can be diluted almost to infinity.Sure, it impairs its value.Visually distinguish the quality of the silver "dilution" is not so simple.

To somehow distinguish a fake from the real products, and introduced a system of trial.It operates since 1927 and still relevant today in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.According to the metric, the quality of the product is determined by the capacity of precious pure material to 1000 grams.That is, if the sample is 925, it means that the alloy kilogram 925 grams of silver and 75 alloying metals.

Looking ahead, we will report that the highest sample of silver - 960. But why not in 1000?Silver itself is very soft material, and therefore it is necessary to "strengthen" nickel, copper, zinc or aluminum.The most commonly used copper.In alliance with metals, it takes strength.It should be noted that in Russia, 80% -s' alloys are officially non-precious.


Silver Silver without trial, that is, the percentage of capacity below 80, called the technical metal.For the manufacture of jewelry such material is not used.But talk about its poor quality is not quite correct.The fact is that it has increased strength.Metal due to its physical properties - an ideal material for the manufacture of parts for the radio.Silver is used in the manufacture of relays.

These privileges it received due to light reflection and high electrical conductivity.

theory of this can be made of silver and jewelry, if you sample not fundamental.But then it should be noted that the metal is not considered precious.

Types of samples of silver

details on samples of silver (which are samples of silver) talk further.

Metal, which is considered precious, marked as follows:

  • 800 - cutlery;
  • 830 - used for making utensils and inexpensive jewelry;
  • 875 - domestic;
  • 925 - jewelry, common type;
  • 960 - maximum sample;
  • 999 - sterling silver.

details on samples of silver

What are the samples of silver, we found out.Now consider their purpose.

  1. Silver 800-m "stigma" means that it is not less than 80% pure.It is highly durable and has a high-quality casting properties.But there is a minus - is rapidly oxidized in the open air.That is because silver is not used to make jewelry.Another reason - has a distinctive shade of yellow to copper, so easily distinguished from varieties of jewelry.
  2. obvious that adding three percent silver alloy, too changes the physical properties of the finished product.Therefore, the main purpose of the sample - manufacturer of forks, spoons and knives.
  3. If the sample list of silver - what are the types - the 875-I is used for jewelry.Ornaments such a plan should be called "economy class".The fact that the cost of production is lower because of a higher strength, compared with pure silver, it is difficult to make work filigree.
  4. 925-carat silver - the most common in jewelry.Firstly, the low capacity of other metals imparts the characteristic fine silver sheen.A fairly soft consistency makes it possible to produce the stunning decorations.In this case, silver is perfectly retains its shape.
  5. 960-I sample is typical for jewelry.Visual and physical properties it is similar to the 925-th.However, it is more susceptible to mechanical damage.The only advantage - practically does not oxidize and, as a consequence, not black.

samples of silver: what are used and for what?The question is quite specific.Everyone should independently decide what properties should have the product that he is ready to buy.

Sterling Silver

Now you know the types of silver.What are the samples of silver and what the sample is placed on the finished product - to find out.Next, let's talk about the pure metal.

Silver marked 999-carat, is soft.It is a pure metal, so it is not used for making jewelry.It is very easy to bend or break.If you make jewelery from pure silver, except that it will quickly lose shape, and instantly change its color: the metal is rapidly oxidized and becomes dull.

Pure silver is used for the smelting of ingots or collector coins.By themselves, these items are not used in everyday life, which minimizes surface damage.

How to determine the quality of the silver at home?

Modern technologies allow to forge jewelry so that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing.Still to return the product within 14 days has not been canceled, because when he comes home and diminish the excitement of the new gadgets, we recommend you carry out a simple test that will help determine the composition approximately.

Now that you know what are the samples of silver.But how to determine the authenticity of a product?

  1. first and one of the most effective test - check magnet.This money will not be attracted.However, this is not the only metal that ignores the "attractiveness" of the magnet.So that there should be an additional test.Play
  2. possible and on the thermal conductivity.Silver quickly takes over the ambient temperature.Simply put - instantly heated in hand and quickly cool down in cold water.
  3. Alternatively, an indicator may be used iodine.A drop of iodine will leave a dark spot.But keep in mind, and that is to clean the stain is not so simple.

not recommend bending and notching product.If it is fake, then it will be impossible to recover and keep the tainted product - to throw good money after bad.

Now we all know about this metal is: what are the samples of silver, which are used.So, when buying a product can make the right choice.