What programs can check the CPU temperature

While the computer is working fine, we did not raise any issues.But sooner or later there is trouble and malfunctions.We notice that some programs, the computer starts to slow down, sometimes to hang out, the fans run more noisily, and sometimes there are situations when the system is turned off, or spontaneously reboots.All these problems are most often associated with overheating of the CPU and close the elements.

processor may overheat due to accumulated dust on the blocks and the fans can run slower fans because thermal paste dried out and still for a whole bunch of related problems.In order to take adequate measures, it is necessary to know the temperature of the items at low load and during the forced operation.

Check the temperature of the processor should be, if there were the first failures and malfunctions, or just as prophylaxis.To assess the degree of overheating, need to know what temperature is considered normal.Based on data from many studies have determined that the processor is in the normal mode (working with a text editor, or use of the Internet) should be at a temperature no higher than 45 ° C, with the enhanced mode (games, video conversion or archiving) CPU temperature should not exceed 60 ° C.Ideally, the rate should not be higher than 50 ° C, but this can only be achieved on the new energy-saving models.

Now all you have to check the CPU temperature, compare it with these denominations, and take appropriate action.One thing is certain - cleaning of the computer from dust is needed in any case, even if it is working properly.

How to check CPU temperature

standard temperature thresholds are known, it is necessary to measure the actual temperature of the processor on your computer.This can be done by using special software.The program for the control of temperature can be paid or unpaid.Moreover, many free perfectly cope with the tasks, but the toll has advanced functionality.However, it is necessary, mainly professionals.For home use, and just enough quality to determine the temperature of the processor and components.

with this task as "excellent" and "good" consult the following free programs:

  • Core Temp - can determine the temperature of each core separately, measures the temperature of the motherboard.These changing on the screen in real time.
  • SpeedFan - can monitor the temperature of multiple sources simultaneously.When properly configured, it is possible to shift the fan speed control.
  • HWMonitor - has similar capabilities with SpeedFan.
  • CPU-Z - can test the CPU and the RAM yourself, loading them.

They have different options and features, but all are free and tested by many users.Among the paid programs palm keeps AIDA, formerly known as Everest.

The measured temperature of the processor, you know what to compare - too.To determine the complexity and scope of the problems only need to obtain specific data.You left with one of these programs, check the temperature of the CPU and select the solutions to the problem: dust cleaning, replacement of thermal paste, extra cooling elements.