How to win in the "Avatar" in the fighting pillows 2 basic solutions

If you regularly participate in various online projects, then certainly in many of them you had to deal with mini-games.In fact, not all people are aware of what these supplements are created the same.And they are designed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to earn virtual money to improve their experience or to get additional things which appear only in this way.Most users are most likely to attend the mini-games are not to find any benefit, and for personal entertainment.Of course, everyone wants to achieve a high fame, but not all projects before this can be so easy to get to.

Problem Statement

The game "Avatar" tops can only be achieved randomly.Each of participants has equal chances.Today we decided to analyze a very interesting question: how to win in the "Avatar" in the fighting pillows?People who often play this game, likely interested in the response.We want you happy that now there are special techniques that will help you get around the system.So, let's get down to the question of how to win in the "Avatar" in the fighting pillows (photo attached to the material).Game already existed for a long period of time.Because of this it was invented many tactics that are themselves fans of the project developed to win.If you need to answer the question of how to win the "Avatar" in the fighting pillows, then in this article you will find two topical method to help you overcome the enemy.Remember that the decision ought to know as little as possible the players, because if you hit an opponent who is known for one of the above methods today, then it is likely that will happen eventually draw.

Ā«Avatar": a pillow fight.How to win in the contest

Let's start with the first method, which is not so different from the second, but is no less important.This algorithm is divided into five stages, and that you definitely need to remember for the future.

  • 1st course .We start with 8 en.cushion.
  • 2nd course .Select has the value 6 en.cushion.
  • 3rd course .Again 8 en.and pillow.
  • 4th course .We must now go on the defensive.To protect will use 4 en.
  • 5th course .Ultimately, the protection and use only 3 en.

If you done correctly, then the question of how to win the "Avatar" in the fighting pillows will be fully resolved for you, but if such an algorithm you for some reason do not fit, then we recommend to consider the second option.He also performed in 5 steps.

  • 1st course .The first thing you have to do is 8 en.cushion.
  • 2nd course .Protects 4 en.
  • 3rd course .Again, we go with 8 en.cushion.
  • 4th course .4 en.Protection.
  • 5th and subsequent moves .Repeat steps given up until the victory is won.


Today for you, we brought two real ways how to win in the "Avatar" in the fighting pillows, but just want to mention that none of them can guarantee you a perfect result, it is recommended methods in every wayalternate.