Where is the ear of a grasshopper, mosquito and butterflies?

you ever thought about where the ears of the grasshopper?If you think that everything is so simple, and these insects, like most, the ears are on the head, the correct answer to this question you very surprised.Because ears grasshopper located under the knees!Why this is so and how it affects the life of the insect, see later in this article.

As sound enters the brain

This is a very complex process that involves hearing.Sound waves affect the membrane, which is beginning to waver.Bones, located in the middle ear, redirecting the sound vibrations to the inner ear, which contains nerve endings that transmit impulses to the brain.That's what we hear, or it happens in insects.Since they produce sounds at different frequencies, the auditory system, and they must be different.

mosquitoes and grasshoppers

first on the location of the organ of hearing mosquitoes thought Hiram Stevens Maxim, who concurrently created a machine gun.He thought about it when I saw mosquitoes collected from a lamppost in the

evening.He wondered why.He began to study these insects and found that their hearing organs are located on the "Antenna".

more lucky grasshopper, whose ears as much as two couples.The first of them react to the vibrations that are transmitted on the ground, as they are located under the knees of an insect.The second legs are in the forelegs.Here, where the grasshopper's ear.It places the first one so that the shape form a fan.Some of these grasshoppers hearing open to the outside, forming two oval membrane, others are hidden behind the folds of the membrane, and can see only two narrow slits.This pair of ears of grasshoppers set to sound waves that propagate through the air.

Other insects

Now you know where the ear of a grasshopper, but hearing other insects hide in themselves no less mysteries.Thus, cicadas from the perception of sound occurs at about the same membrane but they were located in the belly.And butterflies scoop ears and all are located in a place combining the abdomen and chest.Satyrinae hearing, another butterfly species are located on the wings and termites all over his body.Now the answer to the question "where is the ear of a grasshopper," you do not seem so unusual?

What else interesting grasshoppers

This widespread insects that can travel very long distances in just one jump.A little more advanced from an evolutionary point of view can be considered as the locusts, as the representatives of this type, there is also the wings.Thinking about where the ear of a grasshopper, each, of course, decide what color, but this part of the insect's body perfectly round, and on it there is no hearing.Feature grasshoppers sound perception is not only that their ears are jumping on the legs, but in the fact that they are seated above the body, and the insect can hear everything that goes on it.Acoustic "machinery" works great grasshoppers, which allows them to hear even the smallest sounds.The same is true of locusts.

Conclusion Now you know the answer to the provocative question of where the ear of a grasshopper and other insects.This situation of not only helps the insect to catch the smallest sound vibrations, but also serves as the best guarantee of its security, because they are able to sense the approach of a dangerous enemy when he is still very far away.Nature worry about grasshoppers, giving them incredible speed, which too often becomes the key to the survival of these small insects.