What is the intensity of the light and why is it important

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intensity of the light (like sunlight and artificial light) can be very different, and visually, we are unable to determine the degree of illumination, t. To. The human eye is endowed with the ability to adapt to different lighting conditions.Meanwhile, the light intensity is extremely important in a variety of fields.For example, we can take the process of film or video, as well as, say, growing houseplants.

human eye perceives the light wave length of 380 nm (violet) to 780 nm (red).The best way we perceive the waves with long, just not the most suitable for plants.The bright and pleasant to the eye coverage may not be appropriate for the plants in the greenhouse, which may receive less important for photosynthesis waves.

light intensity is measured in lux.A bright sunny noon in our middle band, it reaches about 100 000 lux, in the evening decreasing to 25 000 lux.In the dense shade of its value is tenths of these quantities.In the premises the intensity of sunlight is much less, ie. A. The light is weakened trees and panes.The brightest lights (on the south window in the summer just behind the glass) at the best luxury 3-5 thousand, in the middle of the room (2-3 meters from the window) - a total of 500 suites.This is the minimum necessary for the survival of plant lighting.For normal growth even undemanding shade tolerance requires a minimum of 800 lux.

intensity of light to the eye, we can not determine.For this there is the instrument, the name of which - light meter.When buying it is necessary to clarify their measured wavelength range, aspossibilities of the instrument, though broader capabilities of the human eye, but still limited.

The light intensity can also be measured using a camera or photographic exposure meters.However, the need to recalculate derived units in the suites.To measure is necessary to put in place measure white sheet of paper and bring it to the camera, the sensitivity is set to 100, and the aperture to 4. Determine excerpt, it should multiply by 10 the denominator, the resulting value will correspond approximately to the lighting in the suites.For example, if the resulting shutter speed of 1/60 sec.lighting of about 600 lux.

If you are fond of breeding flowers and caring for them, then, of course, know that the energy of light is vital for normal plants photosynthesis.Light has an impact on the growth rate, the direction of the development of the flower, the size and shape of its leaves.With the decrease in light intensity is proportional to slow down all the important life processes in plants.The amount of it depends on whether the light source is removed from the side of the horizon, which are brought to the window, the degree of opacity street trees, on the availability of curtains or shutters.The brighter the room, the more there is a growth of plants and the more they need water, heat and fertilizer.When plants grow in the shade, and the care they require fewer.

when shooting a movie or TV program, the illumination is very important.High quality photography possible with the lighting of about 1000 lux, achieved in a television studio with a special lamp.But acceptable image quality can be obtained at a lower illumination.

intensity lighting in the studio before and during the shooting is measured by light meters, or high-quality color monitors that are connected to the camcorder.Prior to shooting the best with exposure meter walk across the set to determine the dark or over-lit areas to avoid its adverse effects while watching the footage.In addition, proper lighting can be adjusted to achieve more expressiveness of the scene and the relevant director's effects.