Prison in Norway - sanatorium for killers

April 8, 2010 in the Norwegian town of Halden (Halden) Norwegian King Harald V officially opened prisons for people who commit serious crimes.This prison in Norway for three years is haunted by photographers and reporters.Members of the press admired interior and conditions of detention.

Fengsel Halden - Norway's prison, located on thirty-two acres of pine forest and furnished as a three-star hotel.Construction and equipment of the penitentiary complex lasted ten years.For these purposes from the state budget spent half a billion Norwegian kroner (two hundred fifty two million dollars US).

most famous prison in Norway is intended to stay two hundred and fifty prisoners.The content of each convicted in Halden Fengsel annual cost of one million seventy nine thousand Norwegian kroner (about one hundred and eighty-five thousand US dollars).

When you first look at the cozy premises of twelve square meters and can not say that it is a prison.In Norway, the prisoners spend in these cells with designer furniture to twenty-one years.No longer permitted under the law.There is a shower, fridge and LCD TV on the wall.The windows without bars equipped with safety glass.

most humane prison in Norway is complete without a pool, but the prisoners are allowed to spend half an hour every day in the gym.

in prison has production workshops, but not forced to work.If a prisoner wants to work hard in the day he can earn more than fifty-two Norwegian kroner (nine US dollars).

in heaven Norwegian prison inmates should be in chambers with half of the ninth evening until half past seven in the morning.All the rest of the time they can move freely and even walk without protection in a pine forest.

Halden Fengsel also the quietest prison in Norway.Most of the guards - women who work unarmed.The guards take food and do sports together with murderers, rapists and drug addicts.For three years in prison is not fixed shoots and fights.

In the Norwegian prison inmates eat in a common dining room.If tired of prison food, allowed to cook their own food on their own.

main attraction of the Halden Fengsel - recording studio.Local music band recorded their albums here and weekly radio broadcasts.

The prison has a library, conservatory, school premises, shop.

Prisoners are entitled to three calls a family for a week.For long meetings with relatives within the prison built cottages.

Many had the misconception that in Halden Fengsel serving a sentence terrorist Anders Breivik, who in the summer of 2012 was sentenced to twenty-one year in prison.Breivik in a different place and under close supervision.Prison Breivik, whose photos can be found on the Internet, called Il (Ila) .Kamera Norwegian terrorist is located in a heavily guarded wing of the men's prison and consists of three rooms with eight square meters (room, a gym, a bedroom).Breivik correspondence and allowed only a walk in the courtyard under the supervision of guards.Despite these conditions, a person deliberately killed seventy-seven people, sadistic guards name-calling for what it sometimes bring enough hot coffee.