How are aliens really?

anything else that a few decades ago, most people simply laughed at the mention of the possible aliens from outer space and looked at those who talked about them, ironically, as weirdos who are "a little crazy."Today, little has changed people's minds, and many understand that life in the vast expanse of space, of course, is in one form or another.And the urgent question now is not "Are there extraterrestrials?" And "How are aliens?".The article presents the material in the form of theories of scientists and information people involved in channeling.

Variety of alien life

First of all it is worth noting that alien life is so diverse as the infinite universe in space.

Opinion, and the more self-confident assertion that earthlings are the only beings in the universe, only demonstrates the narrowness of thinking and interests of the individual.

aliens not only live on other planets, galaxies and the universe, but also on our home planet.There is plenty of evidence that describe the look of the aliens.Photo in various sources show already undead humanoid or strange translucent clots silhouettes that people take and for aliens.

Man with his inflated "ego" imagines himself the master of the Earth: some people have subjected others, and to maintain the power to hide the true knowledge has become the vast majority.It was invented many myths to divert attention by inventing useless needs and artificially nurtured the desire and the desire to possess things that are not necessary, but are designed to ensure that people do not think about the main thing - who they are, where and why they came to Earth.

In fact, a person can live only on the surface of the land, and that, in spite of scientific developments stations to control weather conditions, any typhoons, earthquakes, floods and other natural phenomena can easily wipe off the surface of the entire civilization.However, in conflict with each other, and we ourselves can destroy the Earth.

Ocean takes seventy-one percent of the entire surface of the Earth, being virtually unexplored.Underground space is huge and well known people.And that's just something that concerns our planet, which is the smallest particle of space.

And some of us just continue to laugh and exclaim: "What nonsense, what extraterrestrial civilization?What a question, look like aliens? ", Etc., etc. ...

extraterrestrial beings scientifically

Scientists believe that in the world where a large part of the surface is occupied by the ocean, aquatic birds can live likethose who live on the Earth.Where there is a strong gravity and dense atmosphere, apparently, can live long, strong and aggressive creatures.On a planet covered with ice, may be able to live a bacterium.

molecules on Earth are built primarily from carbon.Because of this, some scientists suggest that life on other planets is possible only in the case of carbon to them.

Thus, American and British scientists suggest that soon discover planets similar to Earth that orbits a red dwarf (cold stars, which produces much less light of the sun).This hypothetical planet called Aurelia.

suggests that there is such a planet similar to earth senses: eyes, nose, ears, skin and taste sensors.They have a brain and a computer center, a long neck and legs.

Another hypothetical object of study - Blue Moon, the satellite of the planet like Jupiter, completely covered with water and thick atmosphere.How are aliens out there?Hypothesizes that because there is an excess of oxygen can live huge flying creatures with a wingspan of up to ten meters.

In 2010, however, scientists have discovered that there are organisms for life that do not need oxygen.Instead carbons organic structure there is likely to form silicon largely similar in their properties to carbon.It is assumed that the life on the basis of silicon much less varied than the carbon-based.

Aliens according

UFO researchers believe they know how to really look alien.They divided the alien humanoid or not.

first like humans.Their growth - up to three hundred eighty centimeters, the body is not always proportional, with long limbs, there are three or four fingers, gray skin, big head.Humanoids communicate telepathically, although they may speak the language of their homeland.

Non-humanoid, according to UFOlogists, can take many forms: jellyfish, noseless and earless dwarfs, giants, translucent nature and so on.

How are aliens, according to the testimony of contactees

Some people communicate or think they communicate with extraterrestrial beings through meditation.Such a bond is called channeling.

They tell then that they spoke about their civilizations aliens look like aliens present different systems.This aliens from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and zeta ...


peace-loving and friendly towards the earthlings are most Pleiadians.Moreover, according to their accounts, we have the same roots.That is, the earthlings and Pleiadians come from the constellation Lyra, where because of the conflict were forced to fly.Someone lived on Earth in the solar system, while others - in the star cluster of the constellation Taurus, the Pleiades.How are extraterrestrials from the Pleiades?They live in the six planets and different genotype from each other.Three planets live humanoid aliens on the other - being without a physical body, but with energy and light coats.There are also those having both physical and light body simultaneously.They transmit information through channeling.

We Pleiadians with physical bodies mostly blond hair, ears, located slightly lower than that of men, the growth - from a half to one hundred and eighty centimeters, the eye - from blue to golden brown.


Orion - one of the brightest constellations in the night sky.According to legend, it represents the hunter, who was killed because of his pride and boasting.Most Orions look like people.They generally have dark skin, and only a small fraction of them - Caucasoid type, with blond hair.

They are aggressive and took part in numerous wars.

aliens from Sirius

The brightest star in our sky in the constellation Canis Major.About four million years ago Sirian hybrids of people and having semimaterial physical bodies remained to live in the world, serving as guardians and mentors.Their names kantariantsami.As masters of sacred geometry, they collaborated with the Egyptian and Sumerian priests.

According to the book "Race researchers' Sirians came to Earth, creating the Mayan civilization.Their mission was to insert into the planet axis to disrupt its balance.When the Earthlings are spiritually ready, it will be possible to move the axis, thus verifying the spiritual level of the people.The energy of the Earth through Sirius supports the African race - the Syrians themselves, too dark-skinned.

The book also describes that the male energy is provided by Orion, and women - Sirius.

Some Sirians eventually became like reptiles and insects.They are all very different both in appearance and in intent - from the evil creatures to light.

How are aliens (photo really)

not only scientists and UFO contactees concerned with aliens.All the more information there is about the elite world's leading nations met with humanoids.This theme closely on intelligence services.They, more than anyone else, know how to look like aliens.Photos appearing in the press, can be both skillfully fabricated fake and real.

Most ordinary people "accustomed" to the image of the so-called Grey - aliens with large heads and expressive black eyes glowing skin which has a blue-gray tint.

But alien life is much more multifaceted and diverse.