What is the area of ​​Africa?

desert, wild animals, savannahs and many tribes with authentic customs - these are the first images that come to mind a person, think about Africa.In fact, this is a very developed continent with a huge variety of cultures, languages ​​and attractions.


area in the entire continent, which is in the east of the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by the Indian, is a little over 30 million km2, t. E. It occupies 22.2% of the total land area.The population of the continent varies both nationally and religion.Now the number of its inhabitants reaches 1.33 billion people.Among the most populous countries - Nigeria, Ethiopia, and the third place is occupied by Egypt.Annual population growth in Africa is higher than in any other continent, and is 2.3%.

colonial Africa

Most states of the continent for a long time remained a colony of Europe, and became independent only in the second half of the twentieth century.All these countries are members of the African Union, which deals with the settlement of problems of the continent, particularly in countries with less stable political background.Among those leading position occupied Somalia, Chad and Sudan.

African countries by area

among the largest in the territory of the first places occupied by Algeria, Congo and Sudan.These countries differ in many respects, such as population, language, space and others. In most large states can be called still others, such as Libya, Chad, Nigeria and Angola.These countries occupy a large area of ​​Africa.


It is the largest state of this part of the world and, in addition, one of the richest variety of minerals such as oil and natural gas.Algeria is located in the northern part of the continent, and its area is 2.38 million km2.Holy subtropical climate and diverse Mediterranean vegetation make the north the fertile and densely populated area.In Algeria accounts for a large proportion of the world's largest desert - the Sahara.

population is very diverse.Total the amount is 32.36 million inhabitants.The capital of the country - Algeria - has become an important tourist center, which is visited annually by about 1 million travelers.On the territory of the country there are many World Heritage Sites, which would attract more tourists, but the unstable situation discourages potential visitors.Among the main attractions include Tassili n'Ajjer (cave system), Valley M'zab (settlement of the tenth century), Tipaza (group of ancient monuments of different cultures), and others.


This democratic republic, as well as Algeria, has a significantarea of ​​the continent of Africa, which reaches the figure 2.34 million km2.Despite the fact that the state is in the central part of the continent, it has a small outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.As the country flows the river of the same name.Far East occupies a chain of lakes that are in tectonic depressions.With regard to the climate and vegetation, they are very diverse, because the state is in several zones, beginning with the equatorial, which are tropical rainforests, and ending with subequatorial, where you can meet a number of high-grass savannas.

the state's population is about 55,850,000 inhabitants.The country's capital - a city of Kinshasa, and the official language is French.Congo is rich in places less than a tourist Algeria, however, and here it is possible to visit several national parks and reserves.


third the size of the forum also covers a considerable area of ​​Africa.Its total area of ​​2.5 million km2.The country is located in the eastern part of the continent, and has direct access to the Red Sea.According to the Sudan proceed White and Blue Nile, which form the river near Khartoum.The climate is also varied on the belt to fall by up to tropical subequatorial.

a population of 35.5 million inhabitants.The state capital - a city of Khartoum, and the official language is Arabic.An important historical landmark is considered to be Napatan, where you can visit various archaeological sites located in the valley of the Nile.


This state is located in the northern part of the continent, and it is almost entirely occupies the Sahara.The total area of ​​the country is 1,760,000 km2.It has a tropical climate, but in Libya was even awarded the highest temperature on the planet, which was 58 degrees.There are no surface water, but there are underground springs, which support life fertile oases.

Although Libya is a considerable area of ​​Africa, because of the dry climate the number of people here just 5.74 million inhabitants.


It is the fourth largest country of the continent, 1.28 million km2 - its total area.Chad is in central Africa.The water system here is quite underdeveloped, and all its often dry rivers meet in the Lake Chad.The country's capital - a city of N'Djamena, and is recognized as the official language of French.


This country is located in the central part of the Sahara, which, of course, speaks of tropical climates.The country is sparsely populated than the south, where the Niger River flows the same name.The area of ​​the state is 1.27 million km2 and its capital - Niamey.


country is in the south-western region of the continent and has a wide outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.The total area of ​​the state is 1.25 million km2, the country's capital - the city of Luanda.


total area of ​​Africa's square.km is 30,249,000, making the second largest continent in the world.A considerable part of the territory is desert Sahara, parts of which belong to different states.The largest state of the continent - is Algeria, which occupies a large area of ​​Africa.In addition, the first position in the list of African countries on the territory occupied by all of the above states.