Genichesk - is the Crimea?

Genichesk - is the Crimea?No.A typical seaside town of Port is located on the Azov coast.It is a district center of Kherson region and is famous as the land of fishermen, shepherds, textile workers, growers and farmers.

History of

City Genichesk was established two hundred years ago, even a deserted shore of the Azov Sea.Nearby is the development of salt.The name of the village comes from the Tatar "dzhenichke", which means "thin."

According to the assumptions of archaeologists in ancient times in the city was a fortress.Even today you can see the underground tunnels of the once majestic buildings reaching four to five kilometers in length.Initial versions of the name Genichesk - Genichi, Enichi, Dzheniche.

Geographic data

Many people are not familiar with the situation georgaficheskim this settlement, it is believed that the city is located on the Crimean peninsula.However, when you try to find it there, fiasco.And no wonder.Finding your way in the location of an object of interest to us will not help map of Crimea.Genichesk located in the northwestern part of the Sea of ​​Azov coast - or rather, at the confluence of the northernmost point of Arabat Spit and thin Strait (the latter is the link between the estuary and Utlyuksky Siwash).Although, in fairness, we note that the Crimea there at hand.

This area still inhabited by our ancestors.Thus, in the cities of northern colonies Priazovye seething life in the middle of the first century AD, but.

«Map of the Black Sea coast of Ptolemy" includes designation of the Greek settlements in the north-west coast of the Azov Sea under the names Leyan and Acre.They were located next to the modern Genichesk.This fact confirms the "map of the Crimea and its seas washing", composed of A. Jenkinson in 1562.It was subsequently included in the first atlas A. Ortelius under the name "The spectacle of the earthly world" (1590).Straight to the point where today is Genichesk on the map indicated by the settlement Neontihos.

archaeological mysteries

For decades, local historians are searching the ruins of the Turkish and Crimean Tatar fortress on the territory of what is now the city Genichesk.Currently, they have been able to confirm the whereabouts of military fortifications built during the time of the Crimean Khanate, a little away from the village.Evliya Celebi

- famous Turkish traveler - described the city castle in his book.A whole chapter is titled "Praise Chenishke beautiful castle" is devoted to the fortifications with metal gates and wooden roof, built on the orders of the Crimean Khan on the northern tip of the arrow Arabatskaya in 1640.

Different owners

For centuries, representatives of different nationalities dominated the territory of the Azov Sea.In the vast expanses of Eurasia it looked only a little grain of sand Genichesk.This is the Crimea?No.Although it is only a couple of kilometers from so many people today are interested in the peninsula.As the importance of Russia changed the attitude to this small village.Thanks to the efforts of several generations, was animated known route "from the Vikings to the Greeks", which among many others, and once housed Russian fortress town Genichesk, Kherson region.

last two centuries Tauris and the surrounding steppe is an important area of ​​the southern borders of Russia.Genichesk, no doubt, worthy of playing the role of a border crossing point.

Combat purpose

Until the early twentieth century (during the Russian war with the Turks) was a defensive town, evacuation and food item on the Azov coast of the country.As of 1853-1856.during the Crimean War Henichesk provide effective opposition to the promotion of rival troops inland.He acted as a logistics point, a place for the concentration of reserve troops and militia units of the Russian army.In its territory a serious food stocks were stored for the defenders of Sevastopol.

In May 1855 the Anglo-French fleet managed to break into the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov.Advocates Genichesk were in a quandary - they had only two guns, a battalion of infantry and two hundred Cossacks Azov.Destroyed village flamed ...

long way from the village to the city

In 1903, the town acquired the status of the city Genichesk.At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the town was famous for hlebo-, salt and fish sales.The peninsula Chongar, near the city's famous wheat grown "arnautku."It was intended for export.The local port moored ships from France, Britain and other distant countries.

time passed, gradually Henichesk fully restored after the Crimean campaign.Due to its location, it has become one of the main ports in the south.Azov landlords actively used the opportunity to send wool, salt and grain abroad.However, until the 1917 revolution, the city Genichesk Kherson region on the map does not stand out among the dozens of other small settlements.Nothing remarkable but wine warehouses, retail stores Liquor stores yeah ...

important citizen in 1913 in Feodosia Genichesk district came from a country doctor - Dmitry Ulyanov, is the brother of Vladimir Lenin.He was in close contact with the local Bolshevik underground organizations.Until now, the city can be found outside of Lenin.

legendary events

many Russians today are concerned about, "Genichesk part of the Crimea?"Such curiosity is not surprising.Not only is this famous resort area, so it still has a very favorable geographical position.That is why this city has become a place of organizing the Military Revolutionary Committee.It happened in 1918 (early January), after the sailor Ptah arrived with a group of sailors from Sevastopol.The committee included the following members: Michael Isaacson - veteran Bolshevik underground worker, said of Ptah, as well as a Bolshevik Kudric.From this point on, historians are beginning to count the transition Genichesk on the side of Soviet power, although even before 1920 on its territory with varying degrees of success were fights.Such legendary figures as Makhno, Frunze, Voroshilov, Wrangell, Budenny and Blucher, fought for their ideas on Sivash and Perekop Arabat Spit.

valuable product

Near the town is located the coast Sivash.This system of small bays fueled Azov waters, but in the summer under the influence of the hot sun and the winds "lost" at least a billion cubic meters of water.It is even more than comes from the sea.The water that remains is a rich highly concentrated salt solutions.The advantageous properties of the Sivash noticed even our ancestors - salt fisheries in this region more than a thousand years.The famous Milky Way appeared in the days of ancient Russia, and later a valuable product carried in Lithuania and Poland, and the Far East, and even in Egypt and Japan.

Golden sand

very much, wondering where to go on vacation, ask: Genichesk - is the Crimea?No.However, there is also a beautiful coastline.They are great places to rest and admiring the sea.In the city of landscaped some wonderful sandy beaches.Log into the water shallow - the first hundred or two hundred meters to go in the shallows.

main attraction of the resort Genichesk is Arabat Spit, which is a narrow strip of land, stretching from the city to the sea more than a hundred kilometers.Its surface is flat and indented coast literally picturesque bays and shallow coves.Many pensions, children's camps and tourist bases are hiding in the shade of poplar and maple groves.

Ninety kilometers from Genichesk is Askania Nova - a well-known reserve.Its territory is functioning Research Institute.Ivanov.There's a unique live animals imported from around the world and grow plantations of unusual trees and shrubs.In addition, it is in this conservation area is preserved only in the whole Ukraine steppe virgin land overgrown with gray feather.

condition of the transport system

Genichesk - is the Crimea?No.But Arabatskaya direction you can reach the Kerch Peninsula.Bridges were built across the straits gullies and thin.From the village to the Small Genichesk can be reached by asphalt and concrete road.The last one was lined with plates now inactive Genichesky airfield.Off-road suddenly begins near the entrance to.Small.This section of track deservedly compared with a comb or a washboard, and all because he is cut transverse ridges five to eight centimeters in height.The distance between them - about 30 cm.

In the southern part (the part of the Crimean Peninsula) between the villages of Salt and Kamenskoe runs sandy road, strewn with rubble, with small elements of the "comb".Due to the poor state of its transport links are not established.To conquer this part of the route can only be solved avtoputeshestvennika and locals.

Developed only a few small-route flights in Kherson and Genichesk.We can say that the network of passenger transport is not developed.Most of those wishing to relax in this picturesque area has to use private vehicles.

Conclusion If you are interested in archeology and want to have a rest, go in Genichesk.Ukraine can boast of beautiful resorts, and the city - is no exception.There are many hotels and resorts, in addition, it is possible to stay in the private sector.