The number 7. The value of 7. Numerology - destiny number 7

For most people, the number 7 means good fortune.It is true, and yet it is much more important than one might think.But only a person who is knowledgeable in numerology can prove the significance of this figure.

Seven days a week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven wonders of the world, seven notes, seven circles of hell, or the seventh heaven.Everywhere the number 7.

What is this mysterious figure?

In numerology, there are many concepts - the language of numbers, the consciousness of numbers, types and numbers of other equally interesting details.All of them are somehow related and sevens.The language of numbers - the oldest of all currently known, and the number 7 on it is divine intervention in human destiny.They say luck is blind.Certainly not!This number luck perfectly sees and understands, as the number, in addition to their own language, and even have consciousness.At seven all have an opinion, which is often not identical with the human.And good luck always comes suddenly.

And all because she does not live according to the Law of Time, and the laws of Eternity.How often do people think that he or she is not worthy of happiness and good luck, so why did they get them?As they say, all the will of God.This is exactly the case.Because it sees the number of the person through and rewards those who really deserve it.

"divine" figure

number 7 in numerology - the divine, so it belongs to the main numbers and the most astute of them.But, clearly seeing the essence of things, it is, however, no one opens the divine mysteries.The expression "an enigma" is very appropriate here.Seven did not like magicians and diviners who are trying and using it to predict the unpredictable, or learn the unknown.She - the keeper of Secrets.

And yet, what else can be said about the seven?Lots of.Belongs to the category of spiritual numbers, it symbolizes the sword, while the number 8 - shield.Together, they are intended to protect the nine - spiritual knowledge.Translated into human language we can say that a person who is engaged in matters that do not contradict the spiritual logic, these numbers are in everything and everywhere to help.

And the number 7 is considered an active protection, and figure 8 - passive.One might ask, how important is this spiritual protection.Man needs it constantly.Otherwise, the material principle prevails over the spiritual.This means that a person loses his individuality, and there will come spiritual death, which is much worse than the physical.It leads to absolute nothingness.


value of 7 is very multifaceted and contradictory.It symbolizes the mind and order, analytical thinking and philosophy of life.In it lies the harmony of nature - rainbow has seven colors, and the music - music seven.God created the Earth in six days and the seventh made the weekend.It is characterized by the number 7 as the number of order and organization.The man should work for six days and the seventh to dedicate to rest and contemplation of God.This raises the number of properties such as loneliness and self-knowledge.

Nowadays mysterious numerology, destiny number 7 is of great interest.Everyone wants to know how lucky recourse to this science.

What does the number 7 in the fate of each of us?

person born the seventh day, has contradictory features, as this figure symbolizes both mystery and knowledge.This line of contradictory properties can be continued.

person will have strong intuition, but at the same time capable of analytical thinking.This is a creative person with a vivid imagination.Strong representatives of this number are the composers, musicians, poets, philosophers and thinkers, weak as easily prolong the swamp of despondency and pessimism.

gift from above

If the magic number 7 refers to the name, such a person will be not less gifted than the seventh day of born.This figure is constantly directs its owner in the right direction of activity - in the sphere of science and creativity.Often these people become leaders, but it is necessary to carefully analyze the achievements and clear plan for the future.But in the business they always need help from the outside.It should be remembered.

interesting personality

Destiny Number 7 - introverted.It rewards its owner is very strong personality.It is an independent and reserved person who always has an opinion.He had few friends, but those who were lucky enough, find in it a reliable companion for life.

Amateur and connoisseur of books - so you can describe a man with a seven in destiny.He loves to travel, and if enough money, need to go to a tourist trip abroad.Given this quality, we can safely say that the work in a travel agency or office, linked with permanent foreign trips - that is necessary for such a person.Lesson Seven charity brings special satisfaction.They like to take care of the disabled, sick children and anyone else who needs help.

negative traits

Seven confers rights and negative qualities with which he is fighting all his life.Such people may be prone to alcoholism, often stealth, cunning and nervousness gives them a lot of problems.Because of the habit of talking out loud what they think, these people often get into trouble.

They simply forget that diplomacy can achieve much better results.But smart owners of this number are choosing the path of wisdom and understanding to help them curb the negative traits of his character.By embarking on the path of self-discovery, seven are seeking clues to the mysteries of life.They have a strong intuition and often see prophetic dreams.This brings them to study the occult sciences.Such people are easy to develop his gift of clairvoyance and psychics often.

good days for the people with the number seven

most successful days of the week for them are Sunday and Monday.And the most difficult things just need to start 7, 16 or 25 of any month.Best of all seven found a common language with those who was born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 numbers.And though people with the number 7 in the destiny, endowed with characteristics of an introvert, it is desirable to have a friend who would share their interests and was always there.


value of 7 in a marriage is huge.His owners, it gives a sense of duty and loyalty.If both spouses - semerochniki, between them established a particularly strong relationship based only on reciprocity and trust.Seven - good parents.They have a strong relationship with the children.They rarely make mistakes in education.

This loyal parents who try not to abuse the trust of children.Not too demanding, yet they are responsible and competent approach to the education of their children.For their happiness such parents are willing to make any sacrifice.The same applies to family well-being.


Children who were born under the number 7, will bring joy to their parents.From an early age they will be hitting surrounding his prudence.These children - visionaries.They like privacy, when you can fully indulge in your dreams.Kids have a seven-precocious sense of compassion for others.Gentle nature and responsiveness make them darlings of educators and, of course, classmates.At school, they - not the most successful students, but an innate perseverance and diligence to help them cope with any tasks and problems.Parents can not particularly worry about their children.The only problem - the tendency to introversion kids - you can decide if the conduct frank discussions with them, encourage them to express their thoughts aloud.The only way to remove the child's fear and anxiety to the community, which may weigh on him.

Pythagoras, or the square of Pythagoras, allows you to define the basic characteristics of the person by date of birth.And of particular importance it attaches to people who have a number of 0 or 7. These numbers - special characters, left by nature.If a person is present in the Pythagoras figure is 0, it is for life, working for him in a certain field of activity Destiny can make an important discovery for mankind.Man with Seven in Pythagoras Square guarded all the forces of Nature.It laid information, which is very important for the people in a given historical period.The more sevens in Pythagoras Square, the more important its role in this life.

most accident-prone person is the one who has no life path number 7. This means that at the moment he does not have any specific tasks necessary for the development of the world.He tries to find his own vocation and makes a lot of mistakes.It is not Nature at the moment, it simply does not control.Such a person may spend a lifetime searching areas of activity that came to him.There may come to the aid of individual qualities, inherent nature in everyone.It is the mind, insight, logic, propensity to the exact sciences, or, on the contrary, naturally.All of them tell us how and where better to realize themselves.And then the failure will leave.

People who have one in their Pythagoras Square seven have an insignificant share of luck.By and large, the chance of failure and they just pass by.This luck and ends.In order to understand where they need to achieve their potential and bring the world favor, they will have to fill a lot of cones.After all, control and assistance of the Nature minimal.Yet, when a person makes a false step and gets in trouble, it is a signal that he needed to change direction and move in another direction.Only these tips Nature "spoils" of man with one digit 7. But do not give up.Patience, you can find his way in life, and destined to perform.Even on the right track so people can not relax and continue to rely on luck.Otherwise the number 7 smoothly enters 6. In this case the luck will disappear, and with it the energy of health.This can be avoided if you educate yourself and constantly monitor the love of parents, tolerance and kindness to people.These qualities will help to keep the number 7 in Pythagoras Square.Especially if it already exists 6. In addition, there is always a possibility and this translated into six number 7.

luck in life

about people with two sevens can say that they are real lucky.Nature leads them on a life and tells the right way to reveal a man laid her abilities.These people quickly find the right direction thanks to the tips of Destiny.And if they get into trouble, only, of course, through their own fault.

With two sevens, you can believe in luck and not to try to find their way on their own.And if all the people, in spite of fate comes on the contrary, not believing their luck, and then begin to happen with him various surprises.The second variant of trouble comes when seven passes in six of the non-fulfillment of duty to parents and intolerance towards others.Such people should remain aware of their task in the world and responsibility to the generations.

People with three or more sevens - these are the real masters of their lives.They are building a life around itself, with its vast knowledge of nature and its mysteries.Rare failures in life such people happen only through their own fault and because of the lack of faith in their own strength.

small conclusion

Many people mistakenly believe that the 7 - a lucky number.It is not so in reality.It would be correct to say that the Seven brings good luck.In numerology, as you know, is not lucky and unlucky numbers.These qualities of a person gives.

Now that you know all about the number 7, you can try to find a path that would bring benefit to mankind.