Keep me, my talisman - Tiger's Eye

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Extraordinarily beautiful, golden-striped tiger eye stone known to man since ancient times.This stone - one of the varieties of quartz, which is present in the structure of the fiber material, which gives it a characteristic wavy banding.Its main mineral amber color was due to iron hydroxide.The main deposits of pebbles are countries such as Australia, South Africa, Burma, India.However, it is mined in Russia, in the Urals.

Tiger Eye - a stone, considered magical and healing.Its healing properties are in what is considered as if the mineral is able to manage solar energy.Allegedly, he transforms it into a continuous flow, which then goes directly into the human body.Therefore, it is recommended that people wear during the illness and in the process of rehabilitation.Solar energy will give strength and accelerate recovery.Once considered like tiger's eye helps with psoriasis and asthma, hypertension lowers blood pressure and prevents nightmares and insomnia.If you wear jewelry with this stone on a regular basis, it will help you in dealing with stress and fatigue.Magic properties of this mineral include its ability to withstand all kinds of evil eye and spoilage.In ancient times, soldiers wore many countries tiger eye on your body, so how can they believe that it will protect them from injury, and death.If imminent danger stone supposedly become more severe.There is also a belief that the golden stone protects its owner from committing rash acts, calms anger and jealousy, sharpens intuition makes people more sensible and just brings good luck.If the holder of a pebble - an independent, active and goal-oriented person, he can be sure that he has reached the top in their activities, and the transaction will always be profitable.

tiger eye often use as a talisman.More than just decorating this beautiful sunny mineral prefer people of creative professions, as well as those whose work or hobby carry a certain risk to life and limb.For example, sportsmen simple keychain with this stone is able to strengthen their will to win.Good to have a tiger's eye in the house as some crafts because it perfectly cleanses the space of negative energy.If you have a child, give him a nice little decoration of this stone: let it serve him talisman entire life.It is believed that, due to the tiger's eye, the child is developing and strengthening in all good faith, love of neighbor, the desire to make this world better and kinder.Signs of the Zodiac, which tiger eye corresponds to the most likely - a Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, Leo.

There are several varieties of this mineral:

- very clean cat's eye color, had no stripes, tiger eye inherent;

- falcon or hawk eye banding similar to the tiger, but its main color - blue, gray-blue, light blue;

- bull's eye is quite pronounced reddish hue.