How to attach the verandah to the house right

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On how to attach the verandah to the house, would like to know many owners of suburban areas.After all, with the help of this simple construction can give the building a finished look, while increasing its floor space.In that case, if the porch is attached to a house already built, the case that, despite the apparent ease, will be quite difficult.The difficulty here lies primarily in the fact that, in contrast to attach the porch, the main building has already given the shrinkage.How to avoid unnecessary problems and what to pay attention to during construction activities, we will look at later in this article.

construction of foundations

question of how to attach the verandah to the house, comes first and foremost to unite it with the base of the foundation of the building.Make this a must.The fact is that if these two structural elements are not rigidly bonded to each other, in a subsequent veranda due to spring heaving soil can simply move away from home.In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the foundation was laid annex to the same depth as the base of the main building.The height of these two structural members must also be equal.

Once the perimeter porch will be excavated trench should be hollow in the concrete foundation of the house niches such a depth that has become a visible fixture.This procedure is necessary in any case.No matter what we do in this case - is attached to a wooden veranda house, a brick or concrete.Next to the trench installed decking and gets sand cushion height of 15-20 cm. The next phase - installation of the valve.It is placed between the boards and fasten formwork with reinforcement in the foundation of the house prodolblennoy niche.This can be done by welding, but it is best to tie rods on both designs a special wire.Once everything is ready, pour in formwork concrete mix.


Usually, asking the question of how to attach the verandah to the house and what do the walls, the owners of suburban areas come to the decision to perform a frame made of lumber and plywood sheathing it, board or clapboard.It is in fact the most successful embodiment of the extension of this type.This terrace will look good in combination with chopped walls as the basic structure and brick.

frame begin installing after mature concrete foundation, that is, one month after it fills.Bottom rail fastened with anchor bolts.Next, set the corner posts, and then the intermediate steps of half a meter (except for those parts, which will be the door and the window).For fixing using galvanized corners.Then mount the upper harness.On it are placed bars, beams for the ceiling.Next, you trim the selected material.

rigidly mounted wall verandah to the house can not be otherwise as a result of shrinkage of the entire structure can be tilted.It is better to close up the gap between the outer supports and the plane of the wall of the house some insulated material or fill with foam.

Roof installation

porch roof should have an angle of slope slightly smaller than the angle of slope of the roof of the house.In this case, the building will look harmonious.Lathing a sum under the roof of the main building and sheathe or glued slate roofing material.

Thus it is possible to attach the verandah to the brick house, wood, concrete, aerated concrete and so on. D. Look this combination is in any case quite harmoniously.Most importantly - do not forget that the size of the porch should not be more than 2/3 the size of the main building.Otherwise, the complex will look awkward.

So, hope you are now more or less clear how to attach the verandah to the house.It is important to try all means to compensate for shrinkage between the building and the annex.If you do succeed, it will serve as a veranda owners for many years.