How to hide the pipe in the bathroom: the decor options

pipes located in the most prominent place in the bathroom, can completely ruin the whole interior.Their views violates the idea of ​​the designer and the room turns into a real farce.In this regard, many owners of new apartments and houses are thinking about how to hide the pipe in the bathroom and at the same time get rid of the noise, they often create.Hide indoor pipe in various ways.The main thing you need to do it when the repairs in the apartment just begun.

Bathroom.Hide the pipe in the wall - the best design solution

In most cases all the communications room hidden in the wall, which is one of the best options for masking, which is optimally suited for those who want to make repairs or just starting it with a "zero" in a completely new apartmentor home.To hide the pipe in the wall you will need to plan for the planned passage of communication tools necessary to carry out the work themselves communication, best Polypropylene cladding and fixing tools.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom: they mask the wall

to pave the communication in the wall, first of all, we must proshtrobit groove which must fully comply with the size of pipes.It will be appreciated that the groove should be slightly wider if it is intended for tubes with hot water and heating, as these communications have certain properties, such as expansion occurs under the influence of heat.After the groove will be ready to pipes in the wall must be attached with the help of pre-arranged special fasteners.The rest of the recess should be to lay and level the wall itself and to prepare for further tile.One drawback of this method of masking pipes - the need to dismantle the walls in the case of leakage.However, it should be noted that in case of proper laying of the pipe should not happen.

Redevelopment Communications and bathroom: hide pipe will help you your imagination

This method of camouflage suit more to those who have just started to repair.It consists in the reorganization of the sewage and water systems, and the introduction of all existing communication one niche, which is mostly done in a wall, for example, under the washbasin.In this niche, you can not just put the compact pipe and attach valves, with which you can easily control the entire water supply system and to block it in case of a breakthrough or replacement of plumbing.

How to hide the pipe in the bathroom with the help of the furniture?

Perhaps one of the most simple and not too expensive ways to disguise their communications is hiding with a simple furniture.The process of masking is optimal for those who are not planning to start repairs in the bathroom.All that is needed - choose water-resistant furniture, then a little bit to work on it.To do this, you must first calculate the dimensions of communication, their height at which they are located, and other important factors, then it is necessary to cut the rear wall of the cabinet according to a pre-arranged plan and stick on the wall cabinets.Thus, you get a neat and absolutely clean bathroom.In addition, excellent output tubes will hide various boxes, add-ons, podiums and suspended ceilings.

Therefore, if you are thinking about how to hide the pipe in the bathroom, but did not know what to do, you can take advantage of the ways of masking communication, which we are told in this article.