How to create a company: we consider the problem

Ltd. - This is a common organizational-legal form.It gives the founders a lot of advantages of doing business.Which ones?Mainly due to the fact that their responsibility is limited (it is clear even from the title).The bottom line is that the parties have losses only within their contributions, so that the serious problems of the property that is their own, should not be affected.

What you need to open the company?Not so much.The good news is that the share capital of the company may be only ten thousand.Incidentally, during the registration, it can be introduced only halfway.It is time to look at everything as detailed as possible.

How to create a company in Russia

begin with, that the founder may be one or there may be several.Also note that in addition to ordinary citizens can be founders and legal entities.Exception - Company can not create a sole founder is a legal entity, and having only one founder.

How to create a company?Decides to set up.It recorded.Next, you need to worry about the legal address.What it is?This is where the future will be located in the company.On it will be implemented and registration, as well as further tax registration.How to get it?We'll have to rent a room, and at present registration lease.Another option - to get a letter of guarantee, that is a document that confirms the fact that immediately after the registration will be signed a lease for the premises located at a specific address.Most modern company used when registering bogus legal addresses.Place there, but the company is located in another place.Blame the gaps in the legislation.Note that with such better not to joke.

How to create a company?The tax is applied documents, which one?in addition to information about the legal address?contains minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made, the statute and memorandum of association (if applicable), information on the payment of duties, making the authorized capital, selected NACE codes, information on managers, as well as the other parties to the newly established company.

Do not expect that everything will end soon enough.The process may be delayed also because of errors.Many entrepreneurs who register themselves Ltd., are not always able to solve problems that arise during this process.Seek legal advice - this is a reasonable step that will save money, time and nerves.

How to create a company?It will be considered to be established after the introduction of a specific entry in the Unified.There it will be up to the moment when this record will not be deleted.

How to create a company and what to do after creating it?You must immediately (or better, of course, to do this in advance) to prepare printing, meets certain requirements and establish cooperation with various foundations.Acting recommend without delay as otherwise may be fined.