Emigration from Russia: where to go?

«Fish is looking for where the deep, and the people - where better" - so reads the interpretation of folk proverbs.And it is not so far from the truth: in conditions of total impoverishment, oppression of freedom, lack of social support from the state and the bureaucracy prevailing in business, more and more people are thinking about how to change their country of citizenship.Since the days of the October Revolution of emigration from Russia was five waves.As a rule, these were noble, rich, famous people, as well as political opponents of the government and the poor, who can not survive in their homeland.

seems now, after the "iron curtain" down again, but not on the part of the USSR, as a successful and economically developed nations, it was the turn to emigrate to the rich and talented.In our time, emigration from Russia is more accessible for those who have an extra million dollars or euro, which can be invested in foreign economies.Also, there should be no problems in people who have close relatives in selected countries: parents, children, spouse.There is some chance for those who can prove their ethnic roots.But to obtain refugee status often fail even to those who are truly persecuted in their homeland for political or other reasons.

results of opinion polls are discouraging: while emigration from Russia has not yet reached gigantic proportions, 83% of our fellow citizens are ready to change their country of residence.On the question of what kind of state the world the Russians are willing to name their new Motherland, people are divided in their sympathies.Sociological centers who like to make the ratings not paid attention to this problem.

Championship in the top ten, oddly enough, did not take the United States and Europe, and Australia.What is the cause of such a distribution sympathy potential immigrants?Location away from home?A favorable sub-tropical climate in the south of the continent?No, more likely, the priority proved by the fact that it is a state in the southern hemisphere consistently holds third place in the list of the most comfortable on the economic performance of countries (Russia, alas, this list of 139 place).Emigration from Russia to the USA and Canada occupy, respectively, the second and third places.

Germany, despite the economic crisis shaking Europe, occupies the fourth position in the ranking of the desired country.Similar climatic conditions rather large Russian diaspora, ease of doing business make it a federal state attractive.Emigration to Germany from Russia are not afraid of any long bureaucratic procedures or required by law to give up the citizenship of the Russian Federation, nor high taxes adopted in this country.If you - an ethnic German Jew, or are willing to invest in significant amounts, permanent residence, citizenship and later become a matter of time for you.

Oasis of financial security, Switzerland, attracts people seeking fortune and keep him from the clutches of the Russian assault monopolists.Money, as we know, love peace, and especially peace of Swiss safes.Living in Italy prefer fun than 5% of our fellow citizens.This country holds the door open for highly qualified specialists.Emigration to New Zealand from Russia, tuck the opportunity, it would also attracted five percent of the respondents.Completing the list of "top 10 attractive countries" Spain, Great Britain and France.