What features of the profession involves working economist in Moscow?

experts in economics were in demand at all times, because their work is aimed at improving the efficiency of the organization.A characteristic feature of this area is its universal character - professionals can find work in various fields.

Who is an economist?

economist - an expert in the field of economic relations, coordinating the activities of the company.Job economist is to identify priority areas of development of the company by calculating many indicators and ratios.The specialists carried out a comprehensive multi-factor analysis of the data, which is based on expert opinion.

main functions analyst

Job economist provides performance of duties, among which are the basic:

1. The collection, verification and careful analysis of the information.

2. Planning and optimization of business, including finance costs, use of resources and security personnel.

3. Drawing up of business plans and their support.

4. Costing goods.

5. Carrying out of marketing and economic research, the study of the market situation.

6. Monitoring financial and economic activities of the organization, including the implementation of the budget.

Find a job economist in the capital is easy, because the profession is among the most popular.The median income for a novice specialist is 20-35 thousand. Rub., An experienced specialist with key skills, from 40 thousand. Rub.Great offer in the market personnel and the possibility of the employer to choose among the many worthy candidates worker produces high competition among applicants.

requirements for specialists in the field of economy

Job economist in Moscow, the special requirements of different specialists.In addition to the economic profile of education and availability of the necessary knowledge to the applicant may be required:

  • knowledge of business English perfectly, since many large companies cooperate with foreign partners, or open representations abroad.
  • PC skills at the advanced user, many organizations welcome the presence of additional education and professional programming skills.This trend is due to the global introduction of IT-technologies in economic management companies in Russia.
  • Job Economical Some companies offer graduates in physics-mathematics, because the activities of the analyst implies the presence of logic and analytical mind.
  • Personal qualities: communication skills, honesty, self-discipline, initiative, responsibility, creativity, in some cases.Pretty intense rhythm of life in the capital dictates the conditions, and these qualities adds an important - resistance to stress and ability to remain calm and confident in any situation.

integral requirement is sufficient experience - from 1 to 3 years, so it is convenient to begin a career in small organizations, where the economist in charge of all the processes.

Where can an economist?

Despite the high level of competition, the work of the economist will always be in demand, as analysts of economic activity needs to government agencies, research institutions, without exception, to businesses, including small businesses, financial institutions - banks, social funds, tax services,insurance and leasing companies.