A unique museum in Moscow puppet kingdom.

Recently began seeing a surge of interest in collectible dolls and interior.Today, this kind of thing you can buy or make your own hands after visiting special courses.And it can be viewed in the museum.There is a special museum in Moscow.Dolls there collected more than 6 thousand. Pieces.Let's learn more about this place, all of a sudden someone wants to visit it.


most important thing - to know the address where the museum is located.It is located on Pokrovka Street, 13 (metro station "China Town").Hours: vtornik- Sunday.


Not surprisingly, the unique Museum of Dolls was founded in Moscow collector.He, or rather, her name is Julia Vishnevskaya.It was she who opened the gallery in 1996 (it was December 22).It all began with a grandmother's chest found in a small porcelain doll.

Today it is the only such museum in Moscow.Dolls there are many, they are different, distinctive, and represent different countries.

unique collection

Its exhibits truly unique.Some of them represent real value for collectors, as were in single copies.In addition, many of these dolls are made in the techniques that today are no longer used.There you can see exhibits of hand-made and factory work.

Moscow Museum exhibits dolls not only interior, boudoir dolls, but entire doll's houses with the dowry: crockery, furniture, home textiles.They were made before the revolution, and were used in the education of children as a visual aid for the household.Interestingly, the dishes for just such houses were made in factories where they made and the usual utensils for people.


exhibition at the Museum of dolls exhibits the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries.Among them is a doll of German, British, Japanese, French, and Russian masters.Some items are made of porcelain (they are very expensive both financially and culturally).There

represented the wax and wooden dolls.There are species with multiple facial expressions (crying, laughing, sad), hairpin.The museum has a lot of thematic works - Dutch flower dolls, dolls in their wedding clothes, doll-man in elegant bowler hats.

pride of the Russian factories are working, "Zhuravlev and Kocheshkov" Dunayev, Fedoseyev.Unfortunately, not so much because a lot of old Russian dolls were destroyed during and after the revolution.

exhibits are behind glass cases in a room playing soft music, customizable exhibition visitors on certain vibrations of the soul.No one leaves indifferent to this puppet world.

Behind the beauty

everyone who visits this museum, surprised and impressed by the beauty of antique dolls.
many of them - for centuries.Of course, before our time, they could not remain in perfect condition.These are they give employees the exhibition: they restore the exterior of the doll, if possible, outfits and accessories.If not - then sewed a new wardrobe, the appropriate age "birth" of the doll.

It should be noted that the collection is constantly updated with the exhibition.New "residents" are often given as a gift.In one case, a doll night planted under the door of the museum.Peer review has shown that it is a rare instance of a German puppet makes the time of the 19th century.

What does the museum to see in Moscow?

Dolls, as well as many accessories, toy vehicles, unique dollhouses.The museum occupies quite a small area room.But it works the guide that tells about each exhibit - because the dolls are presented here unique, each with its istoriey.Krome this, visitors are introduced to the history of the doll business, its outstanding representatives and how it developed.

There visitors can see musical creations (a collaboration between the watchmaker and Lambert Puppet Master Jumeau), moving, singing and dancing dolls (mechanical).There are those who playfully winking eyes.Amaze them and its size: there is an exhibit as a man who calmly side by side with tiny products.

separate collection can be considered exposure doll accessories.Delights and affection lorgnettes, mirrors, handbags, jewelry, umbrellas, shoes, whole dinner sets and appliances, miniature furniture.There are coaches, bicycles and toy bears.

delights visitors and "housing" dolls - their houses, which are made to meet all architectural standards.In addition, they are sustained styles and traditions of planning, decoration and interior design.All dollhouses interesting, but deserve special attention by Peter Lukoyanova (Russian master), and the whole complexes - "The English town house" (19th century), the structure of the "Tudor" (30 years of the last century).

Another pride of the exhibition - a doll "Tootsie," which starred in the cult Soviet film "The Three Fat Men."Anyone who grew up in this motion picture, it will be interesting to say, "live" to see it and touch this mysterious character.

Puppet Museum in Moscow, photos, tours

Of course, representatives of the exhibition - not playing dolls.But it is the children they love the most, so the exposure will be of interest to them, and, of course, fans of adult dolls.The museum also themed children's parties.The cost of the ticket to be verified on the spot, but the children's ticket is definitely cheaper adult.

In addition, workers often hold exhibitions charity events, inviting tour of disadvantaged children.For them organizovuyut holidays, guided tours.

Of course, it is better to see once, than hundred times to read about this museum in Moscow.Dolls in it so much and they are so different that it is rightly called unique.