What is spring?

What is spring?This time of the year.Classic.Following the summer comes autumn, autumn winter is replaced, replace the winter comes spring and summer returns.And none of the girls who sent the evil stepmother of snowdrops in the woods, unable to change the course of events, even if the noble brothers 12 months decided to create a miracle of New Year night.The meaning of a double spring: the season and the dawn of life (youth).

time of year in the middle zone of the spring usually comes at the end of March, when winter is still clinging to his right and throws handfuls of snow under your feet tired from frost passersby.But the snow is not as fluffy and white, and the sun warms the day stronger and the sky becomes higher, and drops from the roofs cheerful chime reminiscent of the warmth.The average daily temperature is in March, about 5 degrees below zero in April 2014 at an average of 4 degrees Celsius, but in May, apparently, is to have a decent temperature.For weather forecasts, the average May temperature will rise slightly.It will be about 17 degrees during the day and 12 at night.Precipitation is also expected abundant.This is a good start for the summer: warm damp earth will provide abundant fruit.

Love is known to all ages

What is spring?This is Love.With the advent of the pores increases light romantic day serotonin production, and as a result, the desire to be happy, and so loved.Teens first begin to realize that the girl behind the desk adjacent special: her luxurious hair and mysterious look, affectionate smile.And the boy high school student, who yesterday had passed and did not notice today looked and said hello with a smile.Then he wakes up the older generation.The drivers in cars, forgetting about the need to look at the road, staring at the sides on the slender legs of beautiful women in short skirts.Of course, women have become brighter makeup and gray-black tones were replaced by bright clothes and happy.Grandmother on a bench at the entrance to nod understandingly after beauty: "Spring!".

Beginning of the summer season

What is spring?This awakening.First, the nature wakes up.The buds swell on trees, sap flows through the trunk, then there is a tender young leaves of herbs.Birds return home, wintered in other countries.The air around them is filled with chirping and also comes to life.Mosquitoes his triumphant squeak acupuncture and refresh memories of a barbecue at the cottage or a camp site.It awakens the earth, and sent vacationers ritual procession to grow vegetables in the beds.Gardeners are not alone in seeking work.Most of the business comes to life in the spring: the builders are preparing for the season, producers and traders conditioned deploying an advertising campaign.Prices are rising, so much so that the consumer is perplexed as potatoes might cost a little less than meat.But traders and the market much alive: such an expensive product, simply basking at the counter, you will not sell - here you have to be intelligence.Consumers have nowhere to go, so it also awakens and activates the activity of production of means of subsistence."Do not be stamped - do not burst!".

Fashion up with the weather

What is spring?It is a riot of colors.Boring gray and white tones are replaced by winter juicy bright spring colors that reflected the mood of the fair sex.This spring a riot of colors in the trend.Leading fashion clothing store in all conceivable colors, including pink;Open body through the open-work for adult women - new season.In spring all possible.Shoe designers continued and completed the trends of the season, and now all of spring shoe collection observed patterns of beads along with crocodile leather inserts and floral prints.Bright, smart and varied - most real riot of colors!

As you can see, is very widely lexical meaning.Spring - a time of year between winter and summer or youth is a time of hope and dreams.However, the true meaning of the word "spring" for each person.Worse, only one thing: spring mood it is very easy to turn into schizophrenia.