International Men's Day in Russia

people gradually forget the story.On the day when the earlier congratulated really defenders, including women's military service, is now just give gifts to all representatives of the stronger sex.But some days - for women, which - for men?What is the date for congratulations will be correct?

Gender holidays

tradition to congratulate each other just with belonging to the opposite sex did not emerge out of nowhere.The original meaning of these events was quite different.Thus, the modern International Women's Day took place on the date when feminists celebrated the day of solidarity in the struggle for rights and emancipation.It all began with the textile workers strike in 1857, when workers protested against the intolerable working conditions and demanded wage increases.And if the holiday, having undergone many changes, and lost its warlike sense, is now considered a very common, the male counterparts are not so popular, and not all have such serious historical background.

international holiday men

The full analogue of March 8 can be considered the date of November 19.For 15 years this day celebrating International Men's Day.This holiday was established by the UN, but it is not so popular.

It is surprising, but the International Men's Day is aimed at drawing public attention to the problem of gender discrimination of the stronger sex.This may sound strange, but feminists seek equal rights for women in some countries have succeeded so that one can say started the oppression of men.In addition, every year the festival selects the most relevant topic.The day can be dedicated to men's health and psychological well-being and positive role in family and society.In general, a gender holidays are necessary for people to remember that the fundamental rights of different sexes should be equal.

growing number of states that the family could provide a woman, if she is good at it, and look after children and the household can a man.In some countries, young pope may well get paid leave to care for a child.Of course, all this could be done before, but not so many years ago to a similar division of roles caused surprise and even a public reprimand.Now it can be seen normally.In this speech, the artificial change in gender roles, of course, does not go, each family is free to make such decisions and ensure their respect.

Even in the case of divorce in some countries, men can get the right to live with their children, if the court finds that it would be better.Earlier in practice such cases are rare - in Russia is still virtually impossible to challenge the custody of the mother, unless there is serious reason.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, the tradition of celebrating this holiday is extended only to a small number of countries.But since the first time he has appeared only in 1999, it is hoped that soon the men pick up the popularity of the day, along with a female.

history holiday

idea that the stronger sex also needs your day by analogy with the female, sounded even in the middle of the XX century, but more than talk is not going.Finally, in the 90s on the initiative of Professor Thomas Oastera from the USA, worked at the Institute of male studies were conducted some activities, they fell in February.But tradition has not caught on.

International Men's Day, as it is known today, was established at the initiative of Jerome Tiluksinghe from the University of the West Indies.November 19 was taken because this day was born, his father, who, he believed, was an excellent example to follow.

In different countries, the celebration takes place in different ways.The various sources of figures differ, but some minimal activities on men, held November 19 in about 60 countries in Europe, North and Latin America, and Asia.In Russia this holiday is also there, but there is also his.In some other countries also have special dates that were established at least from the other end, is gradually transformed into "Man Day".

National Holidays

In many countries, there were and continue to celebrate the holiday, dedicated to men and their role in society.For example, there is the World Men's Day, established by the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.It is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of November.But still not very popular.

In many countries, the main male Day - a holiday which originally referred not to all representatives of the stronger sex.Eventually he bought the modern role and popularity.This Father's Day, which is popular in a lot of countries - from the United States and Canada to China and Thailand.Dates vary - in some places it is June and July, but somewhere - March or May.As Mother's Day - this is a very popular holiday.And congratulations on this holiday, even those who have not yet become fathers because of his youth.Just because they still support and support for women's tender.

In Iceland, for example, there is a day husband - it is celebrated on January 19 and the next after him next Friday.In Mongolia in mid-July falls Nadom - day warrior.This festival is attended by all men from the age of six.Still, with the country's militant past it would have been strange if the history of the festival belonged to some other area.There is a similar men's day in Russia.Initially, its role was quite different, but now he was transformed into the most important holiday of the stronger sex.

Fatherland Defender's Day

This holiday was established in 1922 and originally had a completely different name.It was the "Day of the Red Army and Navy," that is, he was devoted to the military.Later, it was renamed several times, and finally acquired its present name, while the military has lost some color.

Perhaps influenced by the proximity of the holiday on March 8, but it was February 23 somehow unofficially began to be perceived as a major men's day in Russia and some former Soviet Union countries.It was at this time, women give gifts to their spouses and friends, congratulate colleagues.In addition, since 2002 it officially became a non-working day, as the 8th of March.Although this festival has gradually lost its original meaning, it is not planned to rename, and it's probably the right decision, because all representatives of the stronger sex - potential defenders of the homeland and women.Although February 23 - not an international men's day in the CIS it is far more popular.

Professional Holidays

If it seems that honor the men only for their affiliation to the floor is not enough, it makes sense to mark their knowledge and skills.Professional holidays are popular in Russia, and although the official large-scale events are held almost in a narrow range can always congratulate dear people and let them know they are valued and loved.


Whatever the name of this celebration, many countries have developed different traditions of his conduct.For example, to the day of his father in English-speaking countries, especially the US, are very kind - the children prepare gifts, those who are studying in colleges or working away from the family, try at least a couple of days to escape to his hometown.

And in Germany in a similar celebration men gather and his company engaged in favorite things - go fishing, play soccer or go to a picnic - a huge number of options.The only condition - no women and girls.

Italy Men give this day the wine.Seriously, it is impossible to celebrate because that date is no longer a formal holiday, and in fact before it was closed.Women in this festival are not stingy with compliments and gifts to others.

In esoteric

among fortune-tellers, and those who engage in conspiracies, love spell, and other such things, there is a separation of certain procedures.There is even such a thing as women's and men's weekend.Reception people and fortune tellers reading conspiracies should depend directly on the floor asking for and objectives of the action.So, what days - men?Traditionally, these include Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, while the second, respectively, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.This means that a woman who wants to attract good luck, should read the plot in his day, and if its goal - to find the groom - in men.

Conclusion Despite the fact that in recent decades, gender roles have become highly conditional, people still need to remember who they are, not in opposition to the opposite sex.Women and men need each other and complement each other.And remember that you must always, and not only during the holidays gender.After all, their halves to give warmth, care and love can and must be constantly and not only in honor of some anniversary.