Where does a penguin?

We tend to think that flightless birds live only in Antarctica, have a coat and very clumsy.Is it really?Where are the penguins, except for Antarctica?Let's deal.Immediately determine that the issue of where to live penguin, has a wide response: in the Southern Hemisphere.If we define the area of ​​its habitat, so the error is eliminated.Furthermore, we must bear in mind that a lot of penguins sixteen species.Naturally, the territory they occupy different.Let's look at the habitats of certain species.

Who of them live in Antarctica?

on snowy expanses can be found emperor penguin.It is the largest species.They reach a growth of 120 cm. Very good swim, but do not like to turn out far from shore (this applies to all kinds of birds).I must say that the place where Emperor penguins live, taboo for other birds.Even here lives Antarctic penguin.Its distinguishing feature - a "helmet" on the head.This is a unique color of feathers, representing a cap of dark color of her neck is a leash.More interesting is not where he lives a penguin of the species, and it multiplies.It turns out that these hardy birds are hatching chicks in the coldest time, warming the eggs with her body.Mom and Dad, replacing each other on the most important watch, touching care of the offspring.Most penguins hatch only one chick.Here dwells the most famous species - Adelie.After becoming acquainted with this bird D'Urville Europeans became interested in the question of th, where he lives a penguin.The fact that the Frenchman was the first to describe this amazing view.

Where are the penguins except Antarctica?

These birds can be seen on almost all the islands, where a mild climate reigns.On a piece of land, formed in the Southern Ocean nesting king penguins.They are decorated with orange spots, reminiscent of quotes placed around his neck.Bird, neighboring the royal sibling, has a white stripe on the crown.She was named gentoo penguins, though these tribes it has no relationship.Although they are found on the Antarctic Peninsula, but prefer a more temperate climate.Humboldt Penguin lives in Peru.He discovered and learned German geographer, on whose behalf the bird is named.These birds have a horseshoe representatives at the back in white.I must say that all the penguins differ from each other visually, with some that are unique to this type of features.

Where are the white penguins?

Among a variety of birds among different greatness, size, and others - unusual plumage.So, in the east of New Zealand meets white-winged penguin.The upper part of his body is covered with a bluish pen, bottom - white.A near Chatham Islands nest baby whose growth does not exceed forty centimeters.This blue penguin.

Habitat Africa

studying, where he lives a penguin, it is impossible not to draw attention to the hottest continent.Do not be surprised!Africa, too, sheltered representatives of the feathered variety.There lives a donkey penguin.They called him because of his voice, very similar to the cry of the animal prototype.It can be seen only at the most northern regions of the continent.More screamer nowhere to nest.Another kind of took in his arms the Galapagos Islands.There's the birthplace of the eponymous representative penguins.And his relatives do not claim to these territories.The Galapagos penguin is the rightful owner of the islands.

Unusual bird

There are a number of penguins that stand completely "non-traditional" appearance.So, crested is a gold "shag".He has a lot of feathers on the head of a yellowish color.He lives on the islands.It is interesting description of his movements.Unlike other fellow, he does not know how to walk.When walking, pushed both legs and dives "soldier."Therefore, he earned the title of "jumper on the rocks."Macaroni penguins grew even bigger hair.It covers up to his back.Distributed widely, from Antarctica to the islands of the Indian and Atlantic areas of the Southern Ocean.It is like living on the island of Macquarie royal penguin.Only under the golden hair of his adorn the white side.In New Zealand, three kinds of penguins nest having tufts.They differ in size, but generally similar to each other.On their heads adorn "Iroquois" from the feathers.

Where can I see the bird?

is already clear that in order to study the habits of the different penguins need to make a trip to the Southern Hemisphere.Do not be confused.In the Arctic, these birds do not live (they've never seen).Their area of ​​distribution - area near the South Pole.In order to study this type of birds have to go to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.And there is already developing the route, according to the goals and objectives defined for the expedition.To see all views of a small area will fail.Penguins do not like to travel long distances.Living in a "generic" place determined, so to say, historically.Most types of sheltered New Zealand.There you can look at the Yellow-Eyed Penguin extraordinary, who was called magnificent.

Living a bird in captivity?

If you are interested in zoos, you know: there penguins exist and grow well.Established interesting fact.When scientists have wondered how many penguins live, it turned out that the duration of their captivity helps century.That is, in the nature of birds killed faster.This is likely due to the severe conditions of existence, difficulties of obtaining food, lots of enemies in natural areas.Now there are special nurseries, whose purpose - to recreate the number of those populations that reach a critical level due to human progress.If birds protected from natural predators, the survival of offspring is greatly improved.For example, scientists estimate that up to half the year living out of all hatchlings.Taking into account loss of eggs that twenty percent.However, the kinds of fine live and reproduce.Apparently, the main task of man - not to disturb the penguins decorate your beautiful planet manifold.