Farmer - it's a great profession

Khleborob - it is a very old profession, stretching its roots into the depths of Russian history.In ancient times, the word referred to the people who receive the efforts to grow grain.They plowed the ground, and then sow the seeds in it and at the end of the season harvested.It is because growers receive bakers flour from which later made bread for the people.

transience of time, but were years, to replace horses with a wooden plow came tractors, and women with sickles replaced harvesters.The work became mechanized farmer, but his role in society did not change, because, as before, the bread is one of the primary products on the table.And while it does not change the profession farmer will not lose its greatness.

Still can not mention about the changes that have occurred in this area with the arrival of the XXI century.After all, if before the work was done as a family farmer or a small group of people, now it is a well-established production.

long way from plowing to harvesting

With the arrival of spring in the fields of life boils.The first thing comes agronomist examines the land and decide where best to plant wheat and rye which would start soon.Further work is taken tractor he plows the field, giving the land to breathe fresh air and moisture.Then, changing his plow on the drill, he planted wheat.

And from the time when the first sprout sprout, and as long as not gather the harvest for wheat agronomist monitors.It costs a little oversight, and grain could attack the disease or bug appears.Therefore, these professionals are always on guard harvest.

It must be remembered that the farmer - a person who does not work alone.And the next team comes combiner.By the way, that they are now more commonly referred to growers, because of labor combine depends very much.For example, how much wheat will take the field, you will have time to harvest before the rainy season and so on.

addition, we should not forget about the mechanics who keep them in good tractors, combines and aggregates.And then there are the master irrigation, often saving crop during long droughts.

Becoming grain growers?

Those times when knowledge of the field and the grain was passed down from father to son, are long gone.Now, education can be obtained at the college or institute, however, such a degree as a farmer there.But the closest thing to it there are a tractor or combine.

Khleborob - this is a very difficult profession, and we can not forget about it.And it's not even that you have to remember all the details of the structure of the tractor and riding master processor.No, the complexity of the profession is that few get to understand the earth, and yet without it not be a good grain growers.

Also, not everyone withstand such a busy schedule, like the combine in the harvest season.As from early morning until late at night I have to give all your best, otherwise there will be on time.Therefore, the future farmer has to have good health and a lot of patience.

The relevance of the labor market

Good combine and tractor with expertise and love of agriculture, is now valued at a premium.Therefore, finding a job will not be difficult, especially in those regions where a well-developed agricultural sector.As for the wages, everything is relative.In most cases, it depends on the size of the enterprise, the amount of work done and how good the harvest turned out to be.

Khleborob - it is almost forgotten the name of both the labor market and in society in general.Agrarian organizations need tractor, combine, or machine operators, agronomists, but announcements of employment farmers will not see, except occasionally, and then in the old plant.It's a bit sad, but still for those who want to learn a profession associated with the cultivation of land or harvest, there is always an alternative.It does not matter what the name of the specialty in the workbook.The main thing is that it brings joy.