Nails tell and show

Did you know that the nails can tell a lot about their owner around?This information is hidden in the form of nails, and in their appearance and in structure.

For example, it is known that psoriasis on the surface of the nail plate there are numerous point of deepening, moreover, are much exfoliate nails.If a person is anemic, his nails are different unnatural pallor.When affected some nerves to the hands, nails stop growing dramatically, and their plates are very thin.

By their nature, the nails are very strong.If they start to break easily, then the body has some problems.Although the nail has its own enemies.The first - a low-quality nail polish, which included the presence of phenol or formaldehyde.

ruthlessly destroying our nails household chemicals (detergents, cleansers with chlorine, caustic).Therefore, experts advise while cleaning the house, washing the dishes when required to use rubber gloves.If you follow these safety precautions and nails still break down and exfoliate, it may indicate metabolic disorders.

They immediately react to the lack of vitamins and minerals.Especially painful they perceive a lack of B vitamins, which supply keratin, are the building blocks for nails.In addition, they start to hurt without calcium - dry and exfoliate without iron and zinc - are jagged.

If brittle nails and even combined with hair loss, it is worth paying attention to the work of the thyroid gland.Also, brittle nails is seen in women with irregular cycles.

Particular attention should be paid to the nail color.If they have a yellowish tint, it may be indicative of violations of the liver.Yellowish brown stains - the consequences of long-term use of antibiotics.Small yellow and brown dots, as well as thickening of the nail and dullness say that at the hands of "settled" fungus.

Pale nails have cores.In this case, the bad blood is saturated with oxygen and lose brightness, so the nails appear bluish in color.Their shade can also change during pregnancy.But immediately after birth healthy nails again become a natural shade.

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