Why did Peter 1 changed life in Russia?

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during the reign of Peter the Great - an iconic era in the history of our country.Why did Peter 1 changed life in Russia?First of all, because he wanted to transform the country from a distant European suburbs into one of the leading states of its era.

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Childhood Peter I had to fight a fierce boyar factions for power and influence at court.The mother of the young prince Natalia took away her son away from Moscow's troubles in the village of Transfiguration.

Although officially declared King Peter and his brother Ivan, because of childhood first and second dementia reins in their hands took elder sister Sophia, which was declared regent until adulthood Peter.

young prince was quite unpretentious in life, he became friendly with a domestic servant, including foreigners.Among the latter across the smart, educated people, who exerted a strong influence on Peter.In such circumstances, the young king was growing, more and more convinced of the need of radical transformations in Russia.

war games and training camps in the Transfiguration allowed Peter Alekseevich master military skills and a lot of help in the interception of the power from Sophia, which is in no hurry to give the reins.Nevertheless, the fight Peter wins and becomes the king is not formal, but it is the absolute, his co-ruler Ivan had already died.

Why did Peter 1 changed life in Russia

Peter dreamed of the sea, so in 1693 he paid a visit to Arkhangelsk, the former at the time the only port in Russia.This event was the beginning of shaping the future of the Russian fleet.

in the 1696-1698 biennium.the king in the "Great Embassy" made a trip to Europe.There, he watched as the lives of ordinary Europeans and the privileged strata of society and more and more fixed in the thought of the need for reform at home.

That's why Peter 1 changed life in Russia.But he said on his return from the change of chronology, institutions in the country.Before the king's decree was carried out by years of creation of the world, while in European countries served as the starting point of Christmas.

At the time of the reform in our country was the year 5508.Under the new law, the year began on January 1, rather than on 1 September, as previously.The decree, which was released December 16, 1699, marked the onset of 1700, as well as throughout Europe.

It was one of five prohibitions of Peter I, changed the face of Russia.Then came the order to impose European-style coats instead of old Russian, on the prohibition of wearing a beard.These developments shocked the king of the boyars, some even tried to resist the will of the ruler.Peter, however, with the inherent brutality of the autocratic government made to fulfill all your commands.

Triumph reformer tsar

Many believe that it was a kind of Peter I struggle with the Russian people and their traditions.But in fact, this view is mistaken.There was a persistent desire to modernize the Russian tsar, and not only internal systemic reforms.He sought to change the appearance of the Russians and their way of thinking.

Shortly after the reconquest Nienschanz Swedes king ordered the construction of a new city, later received the name of St. Petersburg.Peter wanted to turn it into a real European center of Russia, so the city was conducted exclusively stone construction.But as it was possible to ensure that highly skilled professionals are not attracted to other objects?The country has banned the construction of stone buildings.

It was the fourth ban, and at the same time there is a fifth decree on inadmissibility of violent marriages.Innovation will weaken the patriarchal order.This was also one of the reasons why Peter 1 changed life in Russia.

country becomes a great

all reformist ideas, of course, were not implemented.But even that part of them which is able to realize, allowed the country to sharply accelerate economic development.And on the agenda was a question on the expansion of the influence of Russia, for whom all this and started the Peter I (the Great).

Northern War with Sweden, which our country victoriously completed in 1721, just evidence that the course chosen by the king, was correct.He led Russia on a par with the major powers of Europe.