We visit the castles: the ancient and the most beautiful in Europe

Many of us love while traveling to visit castles - beautiful old buildings, which still leads in awe with its grandeur.Of course, they deserve our attention, but there are those who need to see at least once in everyone's life.By the way, the name of the ancient castles is often very harmonious, causing desire to admire the ancient strongholds of the knights and kings.Not to be unfounded, as a look at some examples.

Austria.Schloss Mirabell

In ancient times, almost everything was done out of love.Perform feats, wars start, and create castles - ancient and unusual today.Beautiful stone structures often gave her lover as a wedding gift or as a sign of eternal love.And Mirabell Castle, which is located in Austria, is no exception.It was erected in 1606 by order of Archbishop Wolf Dietrich, who gave the fortress then the lady to whom he harbored tender feelings.After the death of Archbishop Mirabell castle fell into the hands of a variety.Its new owners have strongly changed and rebuilt structure, so to the present day castle virtually retained its authentic look.But even this did not prevent the Mirabell become one of the most colorful and stunning castles in Europe.And this is no exaggeration.Despite the fact that the locks - old, beautiful and unusual - quite common throughout Austria, it was the Mirabell baroque pearl krassicheskogo in Salzburg.

Germany.Lion's Castle

If you have at least once visited Germany, in particular the city of Kassel, then certainly visited one of the most popular routes is called "German road tales."On it you can find the medieval castle of the Lion, which could easily become a great place for the film adaptation of some fantastic stories.For a while, even a fortress called the second "Disneyland."Many believe that the ancient castles were built in the Middle Ages, and when you look at this building seems like it could be the gem of the era.But it is interesting that the Lion's Castle built only in the XVIII century.The architect, who was involved in the design and construction before work traveled to England.There he studied the ruins of numerous castles and romantic story, then to build a real masterpiece.During World War II, the castle was heavily damaged Lion, but despite this, it is very fond of visiting tourists from around the world.

Germany: Neuschwanstein Castles

vintage and unusual are found worldwide, but perhaps the most insane incarnation of the human imagination can be called Neuschwanstein Castle, which is situated on the territory of the same in Germany.It was built at the request of King Ludwig, who from childhood are so hated the noisy and dusty Munich and just wanted to go out as soon as possible in his own palace.As soon as such an opportunity had appeared, Ludwig immediately ordered to build a work of art made of stone.To build the castle of your dreams, the king did not spare any effort or finance.The result was Neuschwanstein Castle - the most beautiful and unusual castle in Europe.Today, thousands of tourists come here from all over the world to at least a glimpse of this masterpiece.Unfortunately, the king never once did not see his dream - he died long before the completion of construction.

Czech Republic Trosky castle

Visiting the Czech Republic, you will certainly need to see a castle, called Trosky.It is located on the reserve "Czech Paradise".Name these things quite by accident, because such views, as here, where you can see a little.To date, no one not known for certain who it was building a fortress.But the majority believes that it was the military commander Čeněk Vartenbergsky, who built it in the XIV century.The view from the castle postryasayuschy so that you will not forget it until the end of life.

Portugal Pena Castle

Despite the fact that in Portugal there is practically no fortifications that would have remained unharmed to segodnyaschney day one fortress still excites the imagination of hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world.Doors Foam adorn antique padlocks, she meets guests cold stone, the castle special.His story begins with the chapel, which was built here in the Middle Ages.Time passed, and around the chapel began to construct a monastery.Unfortunately, it has not been preserved to our days, as it was completely destroyed in the XVIII century, a strong earthquake.Before 1838 no one thought about these ruins, is a place not caught the eye of Ferdinand II.It was here that he decided to build their country residence.Fortress Foam is made in two styles: Islamic Gothic, Renaissance and eclecticism.Around a beautiful garden with exotic trees and flowers.Castle differs unusual coloring and architectural details.At first glance it is difficult to figure out what you see in front of strengthening, which could withstand the onslaught of enemies.Foam walls towering over the city.Hence it offers an unforgettable view on the streets of Sintra.