A barrel of oil.

very long time needed to mankind skills that allowed him to include intelligent and advanced creatures.Mastering the process of making fire, production of tools of different materials, invention of the wheel, and leverage, the domestication of animals, cultivation of crops - are the first steps of man on the path of progress.If earlier the process of the invention and introduction of innovations in their everyday life took dozens and even hundreds of years, in our time, it is a matter of a few days.

Fire has long been used by humanity in everyday life as a decorative element.Hunting out of the way of obtaining food has become a means of entertainment and adrenaline.Long distances do not scare nobody.Cars, trains and planes make the process enjoyable and comfortable movement.The depths of the oceans and the mysteries of the cosmos - everything is subject to man.Forward and only forward into the unknown ahead of time!This is the main motto of our time that moves life forward with crazy speed.

engine of progress

That natural resources given the leading role in the development of mankind.All the activities of the world's superpowers aimed at ensuring their activities and the creation of the reserve required resources.The modern world has long forgotten wars, the reasons for the outbreak of whom were women, moral values ​​and a sense of duty.For many decades, people are dying not for high ideals, and for metal and other material values.

Among the huge amount of resources, mastered by mankind, oil holds leading positions."Black gold" - that is the name that defines the true meaning of the substance in the modern world.The media tell us every day simple inhabitant of quotations and prices on the world oil market, separately highlighting the importance of this element, as a barrel of oil.From the value of this mysterious concepts it depends on many things: the stability of the world economy, welfare and budget of individual states and, as a consequence - the fate of millions of ordinary people who do not even know what really is the key to their regular life.What is it that is a concept?What is this mysterious barrel?Let's talk about this in more detail.


Barrel - unit of measure of oil.This concept was born in England.From English translated Barrel barrel.And no wonder, since the early days of the oil industry because of the lack of special tankers and tankers transporting mining products of this sector of activity is made in barrels, which were originally intended for the carriage of herring.In the global economy, and the barrel is used throughout the standard.

Given these historical facts, anyone can come to mind the logical question: "A barrel of oil - is how much?" The value of the unit of measure used to determine the amount of this type of mineral is 42 gallons.

quantitative characteristic barrel

terms "barrel" and "gal" characteristic of countries with non-metric (English) measurement system, such as America, Britain, and so on. D. For a firm understanding of the amount of these termsYou can easily translate in the usual kind.For example, US gallon equals 3.785 liters, and English - 4,546 liters.Based on these minimum terms, the total value of a barrel of oil can be determined without difficulty.

If you have never inspired arithmetic processes of addition and multiplication are always caused only discouraged, but the question "How many gallons in a barrel of oil?" Is still relevant, then do not despair.The answer is quite simple.The volume of a barrel of oil when translated into more familiar to us the system of measurement is 158,988 liters.

These examples show that the barrel is a measure of volume and has all the appropriate characteristics.

How many barrels per tonne of crude oil

in Russia and CIS countries to measure the "black gold" for all the processes of buying and selling is most often used the term "tonne".In connection with this question: "A barrel of oil - in tonnes is how much?" - Often interested in people.A person who wishes to receive information on the subject may be very surprised.After the usual, at first glance, concrete and simple questions have no definite answer.The process of conversion barrels per tonne and in reverse is happening in different countries in different ways.What is the reason for the lack of unity?What affects the value of the result?

dependence of the amount of oil on its density

To solve this mystery, you must remember the basic values ​​characteristic of any substance and affect its status.Density - physical quantity, equal to the ratio of body weight to volume, measured in g / cm and kg / m3.This definition is familiar to everyone from school, and this term is related to many laws of physics.

ability of subjects to stay on the surface of the water, the determination of the tension of the liquid, and many other concepts dependent and are determined exclusively by the value of the density.Oil - a substance, a normal state which corresponds to the term "liquid" - is no exception to the general rule.That difference in the densities of oil, due to historical and geological reasons, and affect some digital spread of tonnes.

Because the density of the "black gold" is not a single value, and varies depending on where it is development, there are some differences in the translation.And since the density of oil is directly dependent on its temperature, it is also taken into account in the process of translation.

Let's count

For example, when oil density 750 kg / m3 number of barrels in a ton of:

  • at 15.60 ° C - 8.34.

If oil density of 800 kg / m3 number of barrels per tonne have to be equal to:

  • at 200 ° C - 8.39;
  • at 200 ° C - 7.86;
  • at 15.60 ° C - 7.83.

These examples clearly trace the dependence of the number of barrels in a ton on the density and temperature of the oil.And when you consider that the density of "black gold" in various ranges within a difference of values ​​that is very significant, if the ambiguity of the issue becomes apparent.

How many tons of barrels of oil

To get the exact figure, enough of them in the most divided into a thousand ton.This arithmetic operation, which is the power of each, give a precise answer to this question.

example, if the oil density 750 kg / m3 and its temperature 200 ° C, the number of barrels (as explained above) is 8.39.Consequently, subject to such conditions as the number of tones in the barrel will be the value of 0.00839 m.

What can be obtained from a barrel of oil?

order to more clearly understand the capabilities of a barrel of oil, it is necessary to consider the number of products obtained during its processing.So he will make:

  • petrol - 102 liters;
  • diz.fuel - 30 liters;
  • aviation fuel - 25 liters;
  • refinery gas - 11 l;
  • petroleum coke, which is used for the production of electrodes and corrosion of equipment - 10 liters;
  • oil - 7 l;
  • liquefied natural gas - 5,5 l;
  • charcoal - 1.5 kg;
  • propane - 12 tanks;
  • motor oil - 1 liter;
  • wax candles for the cake - 120 pcs.

addition, petroleum products have a huge range of applications in various different fields.Pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, food - all this is only a small part of the opportunities that are capable of a barrel of oil.

Formation oil prices

How much does a barrel of oil?The question, which now depends on many things.The cost of oil per barrel today is determined by many factors, one of which is just human.Since the budget of a number of states depends on the price of oil today, the volume of its production and supply is tightly controlled.Oversupply of oil on the world market due to the low demand will lead to its cheaper and, on the contrary, it will cause a small amount of greater demand and, consequently, affect the increase in the cost price of "black gold".

To date, the cost of a barrel of oil averaged at 110.e. Because of the fact that the economies of most countries closely tied to the oil reserves of the world which are not infinite, the value of "black gold" will continue to grow.Already now it is possible to witness a military conflict, the cause of which is the desire to possess deposits of the mineral.

hope you got enough satisfactory answers to their questions.