Martin Brodeur: biography goalkeeper

Martin Pierre Brodeur - Canadian ice hockey goaltender.Double Olympic champion in the national team of Canada.Almost his entire career spent in the NHL.


Martin Brodeur was born May 6, 1972.His father, Denis Brodeur, was also a hockey player, and played for the national team.With it he won the bronze medal of the Olympic Games in 1956.After completion of professional career he worked as a photographer for the team, "Montreal Canadiens".

From early childhood Broder dreamed of becoming a hockey player.But it is not the goalkeeper.He dreamed of becoming a super striker.In seven years, I had a conversation with the coach, largely predetermined his life.He decided to play as a goalkeeper.

After several years of hard training and debut in the team of "Saint-Hyacinthe Lazare" (refers to the Canadian Junior Hockey League) Brodeur noticed scouts.Already in the 1990 NBA Draft, he was selected with the "New Jersey Devils" for the twenty numbers.


As part of "New Jersey" Martin Brodeur made his debut in March 1992 at the age of nineteen.Then during the season, he played in the American Hockey League for the team, "Utica Devils".

Since the season 1993-1994.He defended the colors of "devils" for twenty two years.In 1994 he was recognized as the best new player in the NHL.

Already in 1995 together with his team, he became the first ever Stanley Cup.

Martin Brodeur for the time of his career and only managed to beat the record.For example, he was one of the goalies who can throw the puck.In April 1997, in a game against the team, "Montreal Canadiens" made a throw from his goal.A washer, which no opposition, flew straight into the opponent's net.All in all three goals goalkeeper.He is the champion in this regard.

In 1998, Martin Brodeur was invited to Team Canada.He was to speak at the Olympics in Nagano.It was a great honor for a shot, and he, without hesitation, agreed.However, the goalkeeper watched the game from the bench.The coach decided to release the ice more experienced goalkeeper.

But next Olympics brought glory to Martin the most reliable goalkeeper.Largely due to his professional actions of Canadian hockey players won gold Salt Lake City.

In 2005, Brodeur offer a contract in the "Vanguard".But the goalkeeper refuses to favorable conditions for the Omsk club, because he is very far from Canada.In addition, the hockey bogey opportunity to meet a bear in the streets of the Siberian city.He was interested in all seriousness by his agent at how people survive in the distant Omsk, because the air temperature sometimes drops to minus forty degrees.

In December 2014, Martin Brodeur has signed a contract with the club, "St. Louis Blues" for one year.The sum amounted to seven hundred thousand dollars.Many called it his decision strange.All noticed that the style of play Broder markedly deteriorated, yet age made itself felt.After a few games of the season, he announced his departure from professional sports.

Broder - three-time Stanley Cup winner (1995, 2000, 2003), prize "Trophy", has two silver medals from the world championships and two Olympic gold.


Martin Brodeur - Universal goalkeeper who can play in different styles.He paid great attention to this point in his autobiography.But not only that distinguishes it from the mass of hockey goalies.

Broder - a real champion.The list of his achievements takes one line.Here are some of them:

  • won 691 game;
  • missed goals in 125 games;
  • scored the winning goal in a game (only one of the goalkeepers in the history of hockey);
  • spent the 1266 games in his career.


In 1995, the wedding took place Brodeur Melanie Dubois, a resident of Canada.The couple had three sons and a daughter.However, family life did not last long.Already in 2003, Dubois filed for divorce.The reason for this was the betrayal of Martin.

He began a relationship with Genevieve Nohl, who comes Melanie sister- in-law.In 2008, Nohl and Brodeur married.And in 2009 they had a son Max Philip.

Brodeur older sons followed in the footsteps of his father.All of them are engaged in professional hockey.For example, Anthony was drafted, "New Jersey Devils" a number two hundred and eighth (2013).

Jeremy and William (twins) act as a striker and goalkeeper.

In 2009, Martin became an American citizen.But he is living in Canada, which is now a prosperous businessman.In the former goalkeeper has its own pizzeria in Montreal, and a spa in Quebec.