How to draw a shark: master classes for all ages

If suddenly someone have a problem with how to draw a shark, this article in no time will tell how this can be done.And the development is given for very young children and for people who have some familiarity with the process of drawing.

Workshop « How to draw a shark with a toddler »

course, a small child is not necessary to portray a terrible vicious animal with huge enormous eyes zubischami and evil.Better to show and tell the younger little man the principle of good image of a smiling shark.Incidentally, the workshop "How to draw a shark with a toddler" may subsequently help to portray any other fish.So, take the hands sharpened a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and start to work.

  1. First draw an oval pencil, divide it in half lengthwise and wash the top.

  2. then depict the upper and lower fins predator.They have the shape of a triangle in which one side is slightly concave, while the other - a little convex.

  3. tail resembles a crescent moon, which "horns" watch out.Pririsovyvat it to on

    e end of the semi-oval.

  4. oval, more like a circle with a round black pupil in the middle, will mimic the eyes of a shark.If you make it larger and located closer to the middle of the body, it will create the effect of the expression of surprise and curiosity on the face of our good shark.

  5. smiling mouth, nasal aperture in the form of a comma, "parenthesis" gill slits just below the eyes make a drawing almost ready.

  6. If a kid really young, predatory fish called the "Shark" can be colored pencil completely, leaving only a white whites of the eyes.But older children can already explain that belly shark is most often white and gray back, sometimes even black.Then the process of coloring is a little complexity; overlay colors.

Workshop « How to draw a shark in stages »

This workshop is intended for an adult audience.Therefore, all of the object: the body, the tail, the lower fins - draw not alone, and a total line.

  1. It should be remembered that the shark has an elongated body, so first draw a smooth line, which will depict the upper part of the body of predatory fish, which passes into the tail.

  2. a slightly sharpened nose predator's mouth should be placed.It may be slightly open.On the other hand dorisovyvat tail.

  3. next step is to seamlessly connect the line of the tail and snout, depicting a little bulging belly.We must not forget the bottom fin - it is closer to the face, somewhere in the first third of the body.

  4. will be separately shown is attached to the body of the following details of the picture: the second lower front, rear and upper small fins.

  5. So how to draw a shark is impossible without gills, eyes and teeth, it is the last stage of the drawing should be addressed by them.

overlay colors on the drawing sharks

clear if the artist as a pencil to draw a shark, he can go to the next step - coloring picture.

  1. First, of course, represented by the silhouette of the object.

  2. start the imposition of color pencil should be on top, because the stomach of a predator is usually light.It should be remembered that the first dorsal and pectoral fins are light, almost white tips.

  3. the transition closer to the color intensity of the stomach is weakened.Gill slits should be made dark shade, and the area around the eyes leave white.

  4. paint the background, you can smooth the pencil strokes using a cotton swab, a little piece of paper, or on your finger.