Where are the Sochi?

Sochi - a Russian resort city, situated on the Black Sea coast.This region is often called Russian or Caucasian Riviera.Why is the area where the city of Sochi and other Black Sea coast, compared with the popular European resorts?The Caucasus is geographically closer to Europe or Asia?Answers to many questions give maps: physical, environmental, political and administrative.

Sochi, Krasnodar region

Sochi is located in the south-western part of Russia, in the Krasnodar Territory.Located north of the Sea of ​​Azov, where the border with Ukraine.In the South Region on the border of the Republic of Abkhazia.Kuban River divides the territory into two halves.The northern part is represented in relief plains.The capital city of Krasnodar is based on the Kuban River.To the south lie the mountains of the North Caucasus, Greater Caucasus Range.To the west stretches the sea coast, where the Sochi and other resort towns, and Novorossiysk - a major Black Sea port of Russia in this region.

Where is Sochi?

main points of the geographical descriptions relating to the situation in relation to the lines of degree grid and other large objects on the map.Sochi is located on the slopes of the Western Caucasus, bordering the Black Sea.Coordinates of the center of the resort town post office: 43 ° 35'07 "with.w.39 ° 43'13 "c.d. (Central Post Office).Distance to Moscow - about 1700 km.The area where the resort of Sochi and the surrounding space is at a latitude with the French Riviera and the Bulgarian Varna.If you continue along the 43rd parallel to the east, then it will be on the Olympic Sapporo in Japan.According to one of the most ancient traditions of the map, the Caucasian ridge separates Europe from Asia.There are various options on the map of the border between the two parts of the continent.To avoid confusion, a group of Russian geographers suggested that the Ural Mountains are incorporated in the Europe and the Caucasus - delete.In this case, the town where the Black Sea coast?Sochi on the map Russia located entirely within the European territory of the country, like the rest of the Krasnodar Territory.

largest resort town country

territory of Sochi stretches almost 150 kilometers from the Psou River to the south-east and almost to the 44th parallel in the north.The vast majority of the city's population lives in a narrow strip along the coast, where the Sochi (central city district) and large estates (Lazarevskoye, Loo, Dagomys, Hosta, Matsesta, Adler).The most extensive and well-maintained part - Imereti Valley - refers to the Adler district.Nearby is the world famous Mountain Climate base "Krasnaya Polyana".For the beauty of the mountain scenery and the opportunity to be engaged in skiing village called Russian Switzerland.Also at the Adler built the airport "Sochi".

Sochi - climatic and natural pearl of Russia

high Caucasus mountains protect the coast from the tropical heat penetration from the south and cold from the northeast.The waters of the Black Sea - a powerful heat storage tank, a kind of natural air-conditioning for the coast.In autumn and winter the air over the sea is warmer in the summer - cooler.This part of the Russian nature has created the perfect conditions for life, recreation, entertainment and sports activities in all seasons.Sochi - a picturesque mountain and seascapes, evergreen subtropical vegetation, abundance of heat and sunlight.To the northeast is the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.The protected area covers a vast area in the Krasnodar region and Adygea.Greater Sochi, except for the coast and the area belonging to the reserve, part of the National Park.

capital of XXII Olympic Winter Games

words "Sochi", "Russia", many foreigners associated with the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014.In anticipation of the events in the city reconstructed the seaport.By the beginning of the Games paved hundreds of kilometers of new highways and railways, cable cars built to serve the mountain cluster.The city and its environs built new infrastructure and sports facilities, modernized airport.Territory Adler, where the Sochi Olympic Park, has become one of the main attractions of the coast and the entire region.

Journey to the Black Sea

on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus Mountains are famous and popular resort towns of the population.Most of the year it is warm and sunny, which has relaxing stay.Attracts azure sea, admire the snowy Caucasus.To all this must be added the clean air, bright green and dark broadleaf - coniferous forests.In Sochi, in addition to the benefits of spa and therapeutic possibilities have valuable monuments of nature and cultural and historical attractions.The rich entertainment program offered a concert hall, theater, circus.You can visit the arboretum, aquarium, water park, dolphin, explore the city's museums, visit the port.

complement swimming and relaxing on the beach bus and walking tours.There are sports facilities, and combining them with a cultural program.Lovers of thrills like rafting on mountain rivers, diving, kite surfing and sailing.Hiking trails lead to the recreational area of ​​"Big Akhun."There are cascades Agursky waterfall lookout tower at a height of 630 m. You can visit the sculpture of Prometheus, breaks the chain.Legend has it that the gods punished him for helping people.According to ancient legend, on the western slopes of the Caucasus it is the very rock to which Prometheus was chained.In the city of Sochi in the south-west of Russia for a year come many guests.Here the opportunities for the development of beach, excursion, family, cruise, sports and other types of tourism.Bright and welcoming city resembles caring Prometheus gave people her love.