Roman Empire under Constantine (Grade 5).

man rule over the empire got the new emperor is very hard, after a long and bitter struggle with the generals at the beginning of the 4th century.The era of the reign of Constantine in the Roman Empire.He was able to organize his authority so firmly and ran so strongly that other rulers as predecessors and successors, did not go to any comparison with him.


What form of government carried out the Roman Empire under Constantine?Absolute monarchy.He wanted to have absolute power, and for this it was necessary to change the consciousness and, in modern terms, consider a new image.Like its predecessor, the founder of Tetrarchy styling and a supporter of the rise of the imperial power of Diocletian, the new emperor continued and substantially increased the selected direction of its predecessor, from this distance the principles of Augustus further increased.

When new board members imperial symbols of power were changed.This grip can only envy.The innovation was that he took over the representation of the eastern, Greek and Christian worlds at once.Contradictions arising from this, Constantine did not care.Of course, settle down in a harmonious synthesis of these different traditions bearing components could not, therefore, in general, they were linked with the new state founded by Constantine.

External superiority

These innovations and success associated with them, could not affect the external features of the emperor, who sought to emphasize its splendor.Constantine did not wish to wear a Roman toga, and demanded an ornate tunic.He wanted to change and clothing: a simple shell soldier emperors, he replaced the luxury armor.When it went to a campaign, it adorned the armor of gold and a great helmet.A little later, noting his twenty-year reign, he began to appear in public in the diadem, which gained for Rome the absolute value of the symbol of the imperial power.

Propaganda victory

external exaltation expressed in the construction of the colossal statues, inscriptions and images on coins.Here, too, there is a compound of various parts.For example, the proximity to the portraits of predecessors, Augustus and Alexander the Great, as well as an appearance in the images a halo over his head.External dimensions of the claim to world empire reflected in the numerous symbols of eternity, in which Constantine himself included."The ruler of the world" and thus glorified as the winner of all peoples.

Roman Empire under Constantine promoted the victory over the Sarmatians and Goths, Franks and Alamanni.It is also rooted in the minds of the universal quality of the winner.Interestingly, the title of Constantine ("Invincible") is replaced by "winner" - this sounds more active.It is also characterized by its rejection of the divine element or attribute title, because he has united all religions.

Cult Emperor

Roman Empire under Constantine was faced with a choice: whether to continue the traditional views on the form of government or not?After all, it came into conflict and it would be inconsistent with the Christian view.God knows what it cost the emperor to make a compromise.It allows the construction of the temple in honor of the Flavian dynasty, that is, in fact, in his honor.But with the caveat that the structure should not be tainted by what some criminal and wicked superstition.It also does not prevent the organization of regular theatrical and gladiatorial spectacles.


Roman Empire under Constantine became subject to the new laws.Determination of Constantine in the power reflected on the intervention in the law and justice.Decision, which was carried out in 318, he gave the imperial edicts legal quality, which became above accepted norms.The main provisions of the legislation, trends and styles were not uniform.They coexisted with extreme cruelty unexpected concessions and humanitarian trends with respect to the traditional notions of law.

extreme measures against conflict with the law differed Roman Empire under Constantine.Grade 5 - then the school are studying this topic.It could apply punishment, which is the stitching in a bag of snakes, and then he throws into the abyss or the sea.But such drastic measures were taken only in respect of the kidnappers of children and animals, parricide and thieves.Also it struck terror death penalty.By law, adultery, love affair and marriage with unequal itself (that is, between free and slave) punishable by death.

But in another decree stated that those who are sentenced to the mines or gladiatorial battles, should not receive a mark on the person as created in the image of the face of heaven should not be spoiled.From the same series of laws that prisoner every day can see the sunlight.

Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine remained a slave state, the institution of slavery remained unchanged.But the amendments were made, in particular, Constantine called for a moderate treatment of slaves, limit their punishment.Also slaves who created the family could not be forced to part with the sale.Social services has improved due to the laws on guardianship, expand the rights of carers.Measures have been taken in favor of children who are planted.

Roman Empire under Constantine

briefly its activities can be described as:

  • Internally measures to protect the state from the constant incursions of the barbarians was the need to keep large armies on the borders.Barbarians Greeks and Romans called peoples whose language and manners they do not recognize or understand, considering them rude and uneducated.Especially getting the western provinces of the empire, there blaming the Germanic tribes.Roman generals needed a strong and to fight for the throne.
  • Attach the column to the ground.Columns are living worse, because they now had to not only give part of the crop land owner, but also to pay tax to the imperial treasury.So they began to scatter in all directions.The emperor issued a decree in which he is forbidden to leave the coloni areas for which they were fixed.Their children should accrue to the same land, which was treated by their parents.
  • also create conditions for the development of the Christian faith, the Roman Empire under Constantine (Grade 5 school program provides knowledge about it).When the rules of Constantine, it became more Christians.Believers each city chose a priest.Gathering together the chief priests determined, the regional head of the Christians, it was called the bishop (overseer).The last task was to convince the authorities in Rome that the Christians are not dangerous, and pray for them and their servants.In the end, Constantine realized that they are not calling people to action against his throne and his empire.So he issued a decree allowing Christians to pray in public and to build temples.

new capital

What else tells us the story (Grade 5)?Roman Empire under Constantine divided into two parts.The Emperor did not like Rome, so he lived in other cities.He moved the capital from Rome to the Greek city of Byzantium, which was located on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait.There are two ways intersect, water and land.The new capital became transformed in his eyes, built palaces and houses, water supply with baths, theaters and the circus, as well as Christian churches.City luxuriously decorated - from the empire were brought beautiful statues and columns.It happened in the year 330, at that time the capital of the Roman Empire moved to Constantinople.