Flag of the Soviet Navy.

Soviet Navy was part of the structure of the Armed Forces during the period of the Soviet Union.Ships of the Navy were always ready to defend the borders of the state.Many sailors have distinguished themselves during the Great Patriotic War.

Flag of the Soviet Navy

Throughout the period of the Soviet Navy flag colors changed several times.This was due either to the creation of new fleets, or to change the geopolitical situation.

first flag of the Soviet Navy was approved in 1923.What did he look like?It took a red rectangular cloth, which depicts the sun in the middle with 8 rays.Since this flag was to some extent similar to the national symbol of Japan, after the formation in 1932 of the Pacific Fleet of the Soviet Navy initiated the development of a sketch of the new flag.Such actions were logical in the light of a certain hostility of Japan to our state.Naval flag of the Soviet Union in the new design was approved by the Government on May 27, 1935.Colour has not changed.Now it was a white canvas with a blue stripe at the bottom.At the center of the flag located five-pointed star and the hammer and sickle.It is evident that the flag had more traditional Soviet elements.General view of the flag was changed in 1950.It does not add any new characters, but the party leadership was decided to change the location of the star and crescent in some places.

honorary flag of the Soviet fleet

also existed honorary naval flag.It was used during ceremonies or hand especially distinguished captains of ships.His appearance as during the existence of the Soviet Navy was changed several times.For example, the first version of the flag was very similar to the normal flag of the Soviet Navy, except in the upper left corner placed a large white cross.

What do the flags on the ship?

Sea there are different situations, so we developed a special warning system in the form of flags on ships.This includes up to 80 different characters.It can be flags commands (to reverse course and a small t. D.), Warning (for example, the ship's course is conducted in a dangerous direction), warning (man fell overboard distress call on the ship).Flags may also signal a turning about the ship.Always a special distinguishing mark on the stand-up border ship.

Also on board must be the flag of the State under whose jurisdiction the ship is.As is known, the area of ​​the ship is equivalent to the land area of ​​the country of registration.