Myths and reality: when the end of the world

We live in a time when there are many interesting and not always pleasant events.It seems that the entire planet is on the verge of a huge crisis because the situation is tense everywhere.From ancient times were predictions of when the world will end.So we called some years, and even the date of the apocalypse.In many religions, the event is described as Armageddon or the Day of Judgment.Yet, most scientists insist that the apocalypse will happen is not soon - billions of years later.

There is speculation that the world would end this year.A lot of myths appeared on this topic.So, according to many, the calendar Mayan was highlighted this year as the Armageddon.In fact, when found in Guatemala this calendar, it turned out that according to the source, the existence of life on the planet will have not less than seven thousand years.In this document, the date of the twenty-first of the first month of winter - December this year is interpreted as the end of the interim period, which will surely come for

the next cycle.Archaeologists have found a copy that was created in the IX century.It is the oldest of all the Mayan calendars found.

There are rumors that there is a mysterious planet Nibiru is called, which in 2012 will definitely collide into the Earth as a result we all perish.In fact, it's the Sumerians invented - they have found a new planet.Initially, such a catastrophe was predicted back in May 2003, but nothing happened.And then there are new myths that have designated 2012-th year, when the world will end.According to another popular belief, due to the fact that the inclination of the solar system aligns with the inclined plane of the Galaxy, it will surely come the apocalypse.And this synchronization to occur in this year.But this has happened before, but not serve as a pretext for the end of the world.It turns out that this myth is quickly dissipated when you think about it, and based on the real facts.

On the question of what year the world will end, earlier than many would have said with certainty that in 2000.Yes, it was then predicted apocalypse.But then life on Earth did not stop.And now again, people create panic, believe that it's still going to happen.You can not blindly believe everything.In fact, there are already new date when the world will end.For example, the scientists of the Moscow State Institute of Astronomy expressed his opinion on the fact that the apocalypse will come in 2029, or to be more precise, the thirteenth of April.They believe that in this day an asteroid, whose weight is fifty million tons, a huge diameter of three hundred and twenty meters, after cross the orbit of the moon, with great speed sweep in the direction of the Earth, carrying the energy in the sixty-five thousand atomic bombs.Scientists believe it is still possible and even necessary to try to find ways to stop the deadly path of the asteroid.Just like in the movies.

In pursuit of sensationalism and new discoveries, many are trying to think of something, something to complement - to realize your fantasies, your fantasies.This creates a panic, when the whole world is engulfed in thoughts of the end of the world.But in fact, no one knows when it will be.Similarly, no one can predict.Let us live, love, dream, and not think about what is about to be over.Our life is full of adventure and unexpected events.Let them be the best, most positive.

likely many more generations will not will catch this terrible moment when all life will perish.The main thing is not to create a panic, not to think of the worst.If everyone in your life will be all right, it is unlikely to be interested in the question of when the world will end.