To determine a person's character by the handwriting?

Psychologists have long proven that a person's character is directly reflected in the handwriting.Understand the psychology of handwriting easy enough, the main thing - to take into account the movement of lines, pressing force, penmanship, row position and size of the letters.

calligraphy.The man who wrote the perfect, smooth and clear handwriting, probably has enough low self-esteem, and weak character.It often takes a back out of the difficulties and the need to make serious decisions.This applies to all people who have similar handwriting, regardless of social status and wealth.Calligraphy also shows that this person prefers to go through life behind the leader, able to protect him in case of trouble or danger.He is trying at all costs to avoid the failures of his life is calm and the current character.This man of this kind becomes an ideal family man and valuable employee, as no one dares to deny the authorities.

Very often there are owners of small handwriting.A man's character by the handwriting of this type can safely be considered easy.A distinctive feature of these people - extraordinary intelligence.They note the smallest changes in the lives and behavior of others, prefer the precision and have a very good-natured character.Have a sense of humor, a lot of friends, love to socialize in large companies.Especially people with this type of hand that in situations that require an immediate response, they immediately begin to command, controlling everything.

People with large hand always full of vitality.A man's character by the handwriting of this type is defined as a good, which is reflected in a constant effort to help in any situation.Its owners have high intellectual abilities.But despite such qualities, they are very easy to manipulate, as the person with a large handwriting often naive and do not know how well-versed in humans.

Also important is also the slope of the handwriting.If a man writes with a slope to the right, then most likely he has a degree of rancor.He takes offense at the slightest pretext and accumulates resentment inside.Tilt left shows demonstrative personality.So people tend to flaunt and be at the center of any company.They always try to attract attention from others.Handwriting without tilting is a person with a strong character.Most often it becomes the leader of the group, and knows exactly what she wants from life.

Owners illegible handwriting always in a hurry.It is easy to determine a person's character by the handwriting of this type, because it is peculiar to live in chaos and often experience setbacks because of his haste.Such people do not trust others, suspecting them of the most ridiculous intentions, constantly committing rash acts.At the same time the person with illegible handwriting responsibly fulfill the task given to them.

Psychology handwriting is based not only on the size of the letters and the legibility of writing, but also includes such factors as the pressure.If the person writing press hard on the handle, the more likely he is inclined to authoritarianism.He does not like to rush matters, preferring to precision and clarity.Holders of handwriting with a weak pressure is constantly inclined to concede.During the dispute, they do not find anything better than to just go away.They do not have enough willpower, but they are able to feel the subtle mood of the interlocutor.

character of human handwriting can also be determined by such factors as the location of the stitches and the distance between them.If a person makes a big enough margins between the lines, the more likely it is quite tidy, well-organized and perfectly represents the prospects opening up before him.Thus if the padding of unequal size, the person is disorganized and slightly bezalaberen.

If the line rises above the line, we can say that a person is optimistic and has boundless energy.Descend text reveals a pessimistic nature.

Now you know how to determine a person's character by the handwriting, and can easily comprehend the mysteries of any individual.