Qualities of a leader - what are they?

What qualities must have a leader?This question is often given by teachers, psychologists, heads of groups and organizations.Think about it and ambitious individuals who dream to achieve in his life certain heights.

Everyone who wants to lead a team, must understand that the successful management of a positive result and ensured, to a considerable degree, leadership qualities leader.It should be noted that the quality of leadership and leadership skills are not inherited, they are not innate.Only the active work on a training and may create a true leader.

So what are they, and personal qualities of a leader?Psychologists make special tests, offering their leaders, who use them in the reception staff in the firm.Because the demand for such strong personalities always extremely high.Optionally, the leader will lead the team, but having these qualities, he can do a lot for the organization and for your family - it's a fact.

The first is, of course, emotional stability.The responsibility on the shoulders of the leader of the bed, failures and constant assertion of his authority can easily break the unprepared person.Agree, it is difficult and not much want to go forward, following the constant whimpering and diffident man.

The second group includes such leadership qualities as creativity and mental dexterity.Creativity helps to find innovative solutions, play solutions come from other sources, do not try to stay on the standard and trodden paths, and make their considering it most appropriate.Restless nature of the work requires him to head a fair amount of mental agility: the possibility to think about several things at the same time, the decision to calculate several moves ahead, make decisions quickly and instantly switch from one work situation to another.

The third grppe include such qualities of a leader, as a high capacity for learning and a desire to learn new things.This is the school we are taught later in life we ​​must learn to do.A true leader must not only have the capacity for self-learning, but also the desire to do it, otherwise his place people can come more competent.In addition, a true leader must be able not only to theorize, but also to implement their theories in life, it is to be a good practitioner.

fourth factor may be called self-consciousness.A true leader knows not only the strengths and weaknesses, but also knows how to profitable use for themselves.It is necessary to constantly monitor your feelings, review your set of values, pay attention to their other human factors and the impact of symptoms on their personal qualities and activities of collective relationships with others.

enormous capacity for work, willpower, allows to overcome any trouble to resolve complex issues and, most importantly, enjoy the work - both the process itself and on its results - as is the hallmark of a man who respects the staff, with whom heconsidered.

And in the end, any leader must be able to overcome their fears, I must distinguish the word "want" from the word "necessary".

Unfortunately, the leaders are not only positive, but also negative.And it is extremely disappointing to see a strong, strong-willed, domineering personality who heads a team of anti-social or criminal gangs.They say stupid good - powerless.It is no matter what is not capable.But clever evil - a terrible force!

As an example of such leadership can be called Hitler.It is thanks to his remarkable abilities of this man of the common people has achieved a high position, imagines himself a master of the fate of the entire world's population.