Imagination in psychology

Imagination is an integral part of everyone's life.But if we imagine what is actually imagination?In psychology, this word describes the process of creating in his mind the image of an object.This is not always the subject will meet his counterparts.In some cases, the picture created in our minds, do not correspond with reality, such an image is called fantasy.

important to remember that the imagination is firmly connected with two psychological processes: memory and thinking.Each of them is shown in varying degrees at different times.

imagination functions are as follows: representation of reality, the formation of a plan of action, the regulation of emotional states and cognitive processes.

Psychology of imagination, as well as most of the psychological processes have not been studied until the end.However, something that scientists know still managed.Of greatest interest to the average person can provide a description of the various types of this process.

Imagination in psychology is divided into several types according to two principles.The first principle - is the degree of awareness of the process.It is easy to understand that in this case the imagination is divided into conscious and unconscious.The second principle of division on the task at hand, is characteristic only of conscious imagination: creative and re-creative and dream.

should start with the simplest, namely the unconscious imagination.In this case, the will of man did not uchuvstvuet in the process.It is most peculiar to young children.Adults with him are found mainly in sleep or half asleep.Some mental disorders are also characterized by the unconscious imagination.In psychology, in this case we speak of hallucinations: a person unconsciously creates an image of an object or substance and puts it into the real world.

reproductive imagination is most closely associated with memory as its task accurate reproduction of objects and paintings from the past, that is what people have seen before.For example, when a schoolboy on the control hard trying to remember what was written on the board when they were the subject, he can try to mentally play in front of that same board.

This may also include attempts to submit the description of man that he is in life has ever seen.For example, a person reading about the sea, may try to imagine it, based on their past experiences and artistic description.

What about the creative imagination, says psychologist?The imagination of this type just need people to art: writers, painters, sculptors ... It can also be divided into several types: agglutination - when the image is created by combining the different parts and qualities, the emphasis - when it is built around a single feature or part, and the most difficult - typing- the creation of a collective, the averaged image.For the creative imagination of the most important is thinking, although the memory, of course, plays an important role.

Do not forget that scientific activity is largely based not only on experiments and calculations.Before you transgress them, you need to imagine something new, unknown or rejected by science.Think about what you need to have the imagination to imagine that in fact the Earth rotates around the sun and not vice versa.Of course, now it is a well known fact, but before each it was obvious that the Earth - is the center of the universe.

Dream - imagination is directed to the future, when a man imagines that he wants to have a day or a year, that he wanted to do.

In general, in the psychology of the imagination - the theme is quite complicated, and requires a comprehensive review of the sweeping.However, not every person needs to know all the details.But to have an idea still useful.