How does the guardianship authority

Beyond called the guardianship and custody?How does this organization has what rights and responsibilities?Try to understand.

So the guardianship authority belongs to the local authorities.It carries out its functions in a particular area.We list the executable that body functions.Naturally, this safety and protection of the interests and rights of children under the age of 18, children who were deprived of parental care, and incapable (partially capable) of citizens established by the court.In addition, the guardianship authority chooses what form will get a citizen who needs guardianship or custody.It monitors the activities of trustees and guardians, protects property rights of disabled persons and minors and grants permission to marry persons who have not attained the age of 18, but are already 16 years old.

What custody of a citizen?This is one way to make a family of children who have not attained 14 years who have lost parental care, as well as a form to protect the interests and rights of disabled persons.If the ward is a child, the trustee is obliged to deal with his upbringing, education, care for the property and health of the ward.

Outset that appointed guardianship of children up to 14 years and from 14 to 18 years is appointed guardianship.The child remains the same first name and patronymic.In this case, the biological parents should be involved in juvenile detention.A guardianship authority monitors the conditions in which a child is brought up and get education.Marking can be used as an intermediate form before adoption.

to the trustee could not use the powers granted to him for their own purposes, there are legal restrictions.Namely, the guardian does not have to make any transactions with the assets, cash ward without the consent of the guardianship.If it is determined that the guardian fulfills its obligations properly, they lost the status of guardian.

When the child reaches the age of 14, becomes a guardianship guardianship to 18 years.If guardianship is set over the mentally ill, then it can only stop the decision.

What distinguishes adoption, guardianship?Adoption before other forms of children has several advantages.For example, if the same child's wish to bring the two families, it will give preference to a family that is already set up to adopt him.The adopted child has all the rights of consanguinity.

for adoption need to apply in person at the guardianship authorities, passport or other proof of your identity.If you want to adopt a child who is under the care of another family, you will need the written consent of the guardian.Act on the federal data bank provides that children who are under guardianship or arranged in a foster family, are not recommended for adoption.