Public policy

Public policy is a set of clearly defined relationships that develop as a result of all kinds of interactions between the two groups, based on the holding, and the implementation of the conquest of power.His public policy objectives puts the satisfaction of important interests of the population.It receives various kinds of impulses from the society, which primarily seeks to achieve its objectives, while meeting in the first place their own needs and interests.The state is involved as a mediator in the regulation of all kinds of conflicts and disputes arising.

State policy - a holistic and qualitative determination of the area of ​​social life.Its structure consists of components such as political consciousness, the political process and, of course, the political system, which is the principal institution of the state.

state political activities, as a rule, has a huge range of styles and types.One is the public policy of income.It is an integral part of social policy.Her goal - the solution of important problems.The first task - to help those sections of the population that are particularly in need (this happens through social security).At the same time carried out a redistribution of state revenues derived from the public, by levying various taxes and fees.Given the fact that the Russian state policy is aimed at helping the poor, it can be concluded that the taxes derived from the population with greater income transfer to people in need.

All this happens through social transfers, that is, monetary systems, which make payments to the population.Their aim is to prevent crime, the development of the principles of humanism in the society, as well as support demand.

Government policy as a whole aims to ensure that the organization of the budget and the distribution of income received much of the population to which they are needed.This in turn contributes to the normal reproduction of the labor force and reduce tension in the society.But this redistribution of the budget, as a rule, most often limited financial capabilities of the state, as budget revenues may not be so great that, in fact, lead to budget deficits.If the decision to finance, even in such a situation, most likely, it will lead to higher taxes on the population, in order that the costs were covered and, as a result, inflation.And this is a significantly undermine the proper functioning of a market economy.

From the above it can be concluded that government policy is primarily aimed at meeting the needs of society and to provide for its members and the normal development of a decent standard of living.