How to inspire a man to repair?

Inspiration for repair - a system of measures to support her husband during the repair.Despite the fact that not all men like homework, you can almost always find ways to inspire him to feats of labor.

methods husband inspiration for repair

1. Wake up the rivalry and claims to the best

If one of your friends is currently under repairs or alterations at home, be sure to be interested in their affairs.You can sometimes call back flip emails to discuss business over dinner, in a word to find different ways of demonstration.Men love competition, and it is difficult for the idea that one of their somewhat bypassed.

Besides wanting to make at home some permutation necessarily Zoom in ideas.Tell her husband about how it can help you is Roman shades to create a unique look of the kitchen.Or as well and it will be convenient to place all their collections on fresh bookcases and shelves.

method helps with the ability to make statements unobtrusively and non-directive.Strict mother's or teacher's tone, contrast, scare your vote on some independent attempts domestic skills.

2. Do not rush and plan

If you want to be really stunning effect, you need to start small.Agree with her husband about what repairs are needed, but not this minute.You are sure to do it in 4-5 months.Immediately Get deposit account and start saving a certain amount of income each to purchase.

Make as joint estimate and calculate the costs.Well, if you have already planned and so run your family budget.You will be easier to build the desire for excellent repair in its current activities.

Parallel to this, collect the treasury of ideas, designs and knowledge of the particular area.During the evening gatherings sometimes show it to her husband pictures that show you how time suitable for apartments.Admire a beautiful example of life.

3. Create a critical situation

easiest to agree on repairs when you are flooded neighbors burst pipe or other accident happened.But in a less tragic cases, you can find strong arguments to alteration.For example:

- your children will no longer draw on the wallpaper, and you are still living with the nightmare on the walls,

- is about to visit descend parents to inspect and love to clean,

- two months is expectedappreciation of prices for building materials, and now you'll be able to do everything well,

- weep and tell us how you are tired of fighting with poor living conditions and a long time dream of a cozy nest.

4. Ask your husband a gift

If the calendar is planned next holiday date, ask her husband as a gift is not another platishko, hair or what you usually ask, but something to repair.Tell me about how important it is for you, and what new tiles in the bathroom will give you joy.In short, really want this.

Basically, picking up gifts reminiscent of scenario 2 on the systematic postponement money.But in the form of certain things, and not in cash.

If you do not know how to save money and, unfortunately, do not know how to plan their family budget, a method of collecting gifts have handy.And my husband will have no choice, after the expenditure of money for the purchase, participate in the implementation of repair.

5. Praise talents husband

one of the possible reasons why your spouse does not want to do homework - uncertainty in the forces.Before marriage you often told him that he was not capable of such work for him or those duties were performed by other people.

In this case, the stages of growing up his master's talent is pretty slow.Start with rewards for the smallest things such as nailing hangers or cloves.When the case of the more complex cases remember the previous successful experience, and praise it.

All we need friendly support and encouragement, as well as recognition of the right to make mistakes at work.And my husband too.

Think about whether you can buy some ready-made solutions, "semi-finished" for the most inexperienced master.Give my husband a choice: pay works "turnkey", the purchase of materials "for Dummies" or doing everything yourself.Perhaps he is ready to pay the wizard or know how else to do it.That is, give her husband the opportunity to make a decision.Then he will not resist him, but on the contrary, will begin to implement it.

phrases, inspiring her husband's exploits

- I like it when you do that.
- Do you do it better than the "Wasi".
- I want to ask you something.Can?
- I wish we did it together.
- Cool!Let us, too, so try?
- Do you want to change it to the new?
- I can not cope without you.
- Help me, please.
- I love you.
- First - it is, then - dessert.
- Come here, please, for five minutes.

If desired, you can always find ways and means to help inspire her husband to repair.Just some need a little more time and patience.

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