Who is a teenager?

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In the modern Russian language from year to year, more and more words of foreign origin.And this is perhaps not surprising: the world is constantly changing, respectively, new concepts and terms.Some of them we actively use, even without thinking about the meaning.For example, do you know who is a teenager?Location really happened this word?What are its roots?And is there any equivalent in our language?

try to understand together.

Who is a teenager?We give a general definition of the concept of

Translated from the English word means nothing more than a teenager who is in a transitional age.It is about 13 to 19 years, depending on the country, which is home to a young man, and its cultural and national characteristics.

In general, those who speak foreign languages ​​at the appropriate level, will notice that the word "teenager" (eng. Teenager) has just two root "ting» («teen») and "eydzher» («ager»).The former can be translated as "teen", and the second - as "a person in a certain age."It turns out that the teenager - adolescence is a person.

physiological characteristics of young people

Many people wonder who the teenager from the standpoint of a purely physiological characteristics of this age.Let's try to give a detailed description.

This period is referred to as puberty.This is the time of puberty, when young people appear secondary physiological signs.For example, for boys enhanced hair growth (in the armpits and in the groin) and face nocturnal emissions occur (but not all).

The girls formed a figure and menstruation begins.

Psychological changes in behavior

In 13-17 years, young people quite often have some disagreement with his parents, a strong interest in the opposite sex, and even first love.Russian teens - is no exception: they tend to look for himself.Many try their first cigarette, drugs, alcohol, are actively involved in fights.Sexual relationships are becoming the norm.

Young people want to like the opposite sex.They are interested in the latest fashions, look for your own style of dress and demeanor.Teenagers, girls begin to use cosmetics.

Friends are priorities.They can forget about the promise that is given to parents, or simply do not hear them, but his friends come to the rescue at any moment.

The lives today's youth?

The main features of this age are different kinds of hobbies.For example, music, sports, crafts, computer games, and so on. D.

now quite often hear that young people often spend their free time in nightclubs, in cigarette smoke and with plenty of alcohol.This is misleading.Yes, there are, but they are not the majority.

For example, among young people today, more and increasingly popular yard gymnastic exercise equipment (parallel bars, horizontal bar) and joint yard ball games that allow you to improve the health of young people and how to communicate with their peers and with younger or older children.Agree, it can not but rejoice.

also increased interest is the so-called sensitive urban sports, among which the most popular bikes, skateboards, sosks (small balls for games group and perform various stunts elements) and rollers.

not less recognition, and enjoys reading, which in modern conditions of life have changed and going from the pages of books on computer monitors, tablets and e-books.

Among those still in school, widespread computer games.This one is really in trouble.Internet firmly entered our lives, and every year draws to their networks, more and more teenagers.Here adults can not agree: electronic gadgets kill spare time.But at the same time, a computer with Internet access allows you to find and explore useful information, various workshops on handicrafts and the creation of different suits, so even the World Wide Web, you can spend time with benefits.

So, who is a teenager?It is the young people aged 13 to 19 years, which is significantly grows physiologically and psychologically, has a lot of hobbies and actively looking for himself.