Zhanna Friske went into a coma?

whole country at the end of January 2014 has stirred up the news of the illness of one of the most extraordinary and vivid representatives of show business Zhanna Friske.However, as it later turns out the rumors about her illness went from the end of the previous year.But, of course, almost everyone considered them false and invented by journalists who still is not able to for the sake of sensation.When all was known to fans of the actress came to even more confusion after learning that Zhanna Friske went into a coma.But, like the other circumstances of her disease, this fact also was not fully clarified.So let's try to understand: it was true or just another loud statement of representatives of the mass media.

medical history Zhanna Friske

Before we talk about the truth or fiction that Zhanna Friske went into a coma, you need to remember where it all began, the developments related to her illness.

In mid-January 2014 in the network have the photos in which a woman was captured with a clearly unhealthy appearance.The picture was taken at Sheremetyevo one of the journalists.Commenting on the picture, he said that it was a well-known diva Jeanne Friske.Many saw this picture and all experienced a shock: nothing in common between these two women were not.

journalist claimed that actress reportedly ill with cancer, and followed it to Germany for treatment.The singer arrived at the airport on a special wheelchair, accompanied by law husband Dmitry Shepelev.Issued by the paparazzi for Jeanne Friske woman had, to put it mildly, puffy appearance, edema, short haircut.These metamorphoses journalist explained as the effects of cancer treatment, which is known to dramatically can change the appearance of the patient (often used gormonosoderzhaschie drugs).

A spokesman for the singer denied both this information and the fact that the photographs displayed its chairwoman.But the flywheel has been launched, the public has not calmed the official explanation.Among the fans and just people who care not stopped discussion of sensational shots and where the singer is now, because the last time she almost never appeared.

Statement husband

When hide the truth has become meaningless, Dmitry Shepelev posted a video message.In it, he admitted that his wife really seriously ill.She diagnosed with brain cancer.I asked the man to the public on January 20 in the morning, after which almost all TV shows came to a single theme - a disease Zhanna Friske.

Zhanna Friske went into a coma

What not just talking ... On the same day it was reported that Joan went into a coma.However, this information is again confirmed a spokesman for the singer, saying he talked with her the day before, so not about a coma out of the question.

What Zhanna Friske went into a coma, has not confirmed her husband, saying only that a woman needs, especially in the moral support of his fans and compatriots.

Next was to raise funds for her treatment, which amounted to a huge amount - 60 million rubles.The organizers said that the surplus money remaining after the payment of a course of therapy will be directed to the treatment of children in need.

treatment in America

undergoing treatment Jeanne and her family decided in the United States.They chose the clinic, which uses the most innovative techniques and development to fight cancer.One day in this place was worth more than 2 thousand. Dollars, not counting the main costs of treatment and accommodation in the United States.

known that there was a house of Jeanne, but she put up for auction to repay the clinic.Subsequently, it captured the journalists to leave the hospital in a wheelchair, accompanied by her husband.These pictures once again struck by the fans, as the images on them was difficult to find a woman beautiful and sexy women, way before the disease was Jeanne.

The Passion of Joan of around

survive the shock of the news that the singer has an inoperable brain cancer stage, fans began to continuously monitor information about how being treated after fundraising.

Apparently, the fact that it was very small (both the husband of the singer, and from representatives of her family and from her friend Olga Orlova), a lot had only speculate or draw conclusions on the meager crumbs that still fall into the informationspace.Every now and then there were the headlines "Jeanne Friske entered into a coma", "Jeanne Friske were not months of life, and the days and hours" and stuff like that.

Many speculated that a woman can not operate without touching the important parts of the brain.After this intervention, it simply will not survive.Others argued that chemotherapy and radiation can be cured by radiation, and the last (as a singer) stage of the cancer.And while there were such arguments, and then came reports that Zhanna Friske in a coma, that there is no improvement, that are searching for the optimal treatment program that would not only extend the life of it, but also completely healed.Background


concerned people want as much as possible to find out what was the cause of this terrible disease in the beautiful singer Zhanna Friske.Her father said he diagnosed his daughter even during her pregnancy.But she flatly refused chemotherapy course, so as not to harm the unborn child.He is, thank God, was born strong and healthy, received from his parents a great name Plato.We know that this kid was a long-awaited child of Jeanne, which had long dreamed of the children.

singer's father also explained his response when asked how their family gynecologist noticed a disease of the singer.According to him, she just did not have time to tell him about it.During a severe attack of pain Zhanna Friske went into a coma and was immediately taken away by ambulance.These words about the "who" and then a long discussion the fans who do not understand really, but when it happened.It should be noted that a more detailed explanation from the representatives of the family of Joan on this subject is no longer reported.

Currently, the singer is in New York, in the most famous in the world of the Cancer Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering.She is undergoing treatment nanovaccines which she, according to the information received, is very helpful.Although doctors and did not give any guarantees Joan say that the tumor has decreased in size, and the woman came back the lost vision.And from her friend Olga Orlova and all received dramatic news: that Joan is not the type of cancer that had been diagnosed initially (not glioblastoma).That is, the diagnosis was not confirmed.Actress now can only wish a speedy recovery and we hope that will never hear that Friske in a coma.