How to make the phone touch: the obvious and incredible

Everything is possible in our time!It is likely the fact that an ordinary touch-tone telephone with the help of skilled hands and "transcendental" knowledge becomes touch.But is it worth it?

Human genius wondered how to make phone touch?

invention of the touch screen has been a breakthrough in the way of improving the method of input, interaction with information display on the screen, as well as the practical application of technology in all spheres of human activity.Agree, it's convenient: instant response to the command, operations, comfort in use, and much more, if you have a service of touch phone.All this is made feasible by the use of resistance and capacitive screens, which only visually similar to "normal" display.The rest - some differences in the technical aspects and functionality in detail.

touch of a button: if this is feasible?

you are thinking about how to make the phone touch by transforming a normal mobile phone?It is unlikely that your undertaking to be fulfilled, because it is almost a waste of time and effort, as "ordinary" touch screen functionality does not give.Structural features touchscreen interact with all the hardware of the phone, and "prisobachit" a screen for Nokia-6131 and another touch tone telephone almost unreal!A variety of ways of how to make the phone touch, which is replete with internet, no more than a deception and ruthless attempt to make fun of "trusting" the world.The easiest way to buy a machine, so to speak, ideally, from the manufacturer than to experiment and maim office phone with a slightly different principle of operation of navigation and control.

How to choose a mobile phone with touch screen
or best option selection

What the company to give their preference?What should I look for when buying
"sensitive" product?Of course, on the practicality and reliability of the device.Important factors in the selection process considered devaysa efficiency and functionality.Touch Screen Phones today is not a luxury, and almost anyone can afford to buy the model you want.The best option when choosing a sensor device must, above all, to perceive a reasonable price and a pleasant design quality device with a touchscreen display.Budget models of brands such as Nokia and Samsung will be the ideal option, which probably correspond to the above parameters.Again, the user must rely on their own preferences, so when choosing a mobile phone, ask the sales assistant interior how justified your choice on your vending machine.


obvious answer to the question of how to make the phone touch can be seen except on the conveyor manufacturer.Because the production of such a phone - it is a high-tech process that has nothing to do with the video from the Internet, which shows how to use hair spray from a touch tone telephone to make the touch.Be sensible and do not expose yourself to bad moment to be laughed at!