Chupacabra Mystery close to unraveling

Chupacabra (App. Chupar - suck and cabra - goat, literally "sucking goat"), and "goat vampire" - mythical creature, killing pets.

ominous predator first appeared in 1975 on a farm in Puerto Rico.Then one night here mysteriously killed all the chickens in the carcasses of which there is not a gram of blood.

Since 1989, rumors have spread in every bloodsucker towns Hispanic USA, Mexico, and then in Europe.According to eyewitnesses, "Chupacabra" - big monster on the legs of which three large fingers with long claws, the body - like a huge wolf without hair, but with a thick gray-brown skin, four canines in the jaws have a length of 5 cm,his eyes are bright red.

strange creature hunts at night, attacking wild and domestic animals and birds, sucks the blood and disappears.Around his neck bloodless corpses always remain a small wound round with a perfectly smooth and round edges, and on the spot, as a rule, is not a single drop of blood.Often farmers are animal victims chupacabra, without internal organs, without eyes, tail or paws.

addition bloodthirsty and insatiable monster differs incredible - almost mystical - the ability to hide from his pursuers and deceive those who are behind it hunts.In 2004, a cowboy from Texas managed to shoot down an insidious creature that attacks on his animals.He took the carcass of the University of California, where geneticists have analyzed the DNA of a strange beast.The result astonished brave hunter: the child's piece of paper appeared, that terrible Chupacabra is a coyote.

But a few days ago Chupacabra pursuers seem to manage to take revenge.During the inspection of the fence grazing his friend Sheriff Brandon Riedel from Cuero, Texas, was able to shoot on video predator, which he immediately recognized the Chupacabra as many times seen her on TV.Shortly before that, the owner of the pasture found in the district three strange corpse - and just recently in its henhouse someone killed 30 chickens.Suspecting something was wrong, she retained pieces of animal corpses in his freezer, and then sent them to the research center for DNA testing.It is hoped that this time the crafty murderer will not escape.

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