Dream interpretation, dream sea

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you dreamed about the sea?And you, of course, want to interpret his dream, to know what he stands for?If yes, then you start looking for information on this subject, read the various downers, or typing in a search engine: "dream interpretation dream interpretations sea."

Here is a sample result of your search: "The calm sea in a dream - a good sign, it can mean peace and serenity, hope, joy, opportunities, love and harmonious relationship, a respite from the problems of recovery ... Rough Sea in a dream - a sign of a disturbing,can mean instability, loss of control over the circumstances, changes in life ... ".

Sometimes you can find and opposing interpretations: "The calm sea could mean sad and unfulfilled hopes, loneliness and stagnation in the affairs of ... Stormy sea can mean a storm of feelings, passionate love, boiling life around, a successful fight ..." Italian dream interpretation: "The seasymbolizes your body, how the sea was in a dream, because it (the body) itself and feels ... ".Esoteric Dream Interpretation: "The sea - this is your life where you were in a dream in the sea, where you and life on the coast, among the turbulent waves on the water surface or on the bottom."Chinese dream book "The blue sea without shores - prosperity, well-being, happiness."

interesting and profound interpretation of this dream gives Denise Lin, created the famous dream book: "The sea in a dream represents our subconscious, the power of intuition, ancient, natural wisdom. Calm sea or ocean mean that you have to trust intuition, says the great inner strength,for peace of mind. And the stormy sea means a lot of emotions. "Not without reason in the myths of many peoples of the sea - it's a great mother of mankind, both wise and windy, protect and formidable generating and killed ... It represents the forces of chaos and order together.Perhaps this view of the sea comes from the genetic memory, because the ocean has been the cradle of life.According to a magical dream interpretation, the sea means feminine power ...

often dreams about the sea talking about the quest for freedom, the desire to escape from the vicious circle of burdensome restrictions and frames, or the desire to change (especially the sea which has dreamed youIt was a sail or ship).Perhaps your body reminds you that you are tired and need a rest.Water play can dream, if you dream of traveling or going on the road (whether it will be successful, it can be understood as the sea).Sink into the sea in a dream - an unfavorable sign, you may become a plaything in the hands of others or themselves "lost his head."In any case, the dream suggests that the circumstances are stronger than you.On the contrary, to walk on water in a dream means that you will easily cope with all the problems and circumstances.For a girl a dream foretells a happy love.Night seascape with the moonlight may dream as a sign of the end of the troubles and difficulties, the onset of the long-awaited peace (by the way, these dreams often dream of people with psychic powers).To dream of a full moon over the sea - to money.Dreams of big waves or tsunamis (if you are on the coast) say that it is time to forget the past.Swim naked in the sea - a sense of insecurity for life, vulnerability.Fish - good luck.Sit on the ship, boat or boat - the beginning of a new business.There is also a view that the big water dream to big money.

course, all of these interpretations are largely correct, but do not forget that dreams are very individual person.The language tells us sleep our subconscious, or perhaps our soul.It is the language of associations, understandable only to you.What sea is synonymous with you?What emotions cause?What like?How did you feel in the dream, you were good or terrible?Maybe it's the place where you have been awake or wherever you want to go?Do you love the sea or it makes you sad?If you answer yourself to all these questions, you will be able to decipher the message, to convey to you in a dream.