Dream book.

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What do animals dream?The well-known interpreter of dreams E. Tsvetkov said that they represent the emotional component of our lives.Take his dream book.Cat in the interpretation of Tsvetkova means tears, treason.And, if it is black - the trouble to wait for the enemy.If the white - other.In flowering plants, the animals in our dreams mean the state of the soul sleeping, his attitude towards other people, the emotions that he feels towards them.

Subconsciously, in reality, we are a bit afraid of our lovely home purring, who so love to walk by themselves.Agree, in the cat, there is something mysterious, enigmatic, a little scary.Not surprisingly, our not very pleasant emotions acquire in a dream image of a cat.So do not deceive us dream book.Interpretation of Dreams: cat portends tears kittens - squabbles and unpleasant surprises.Panther, in fact, also a cat, only much, it is the worst enemy or impostor.

see what others are saying downers.Take Dream Miller.Cats there are represented in different ways.But in the main their interpretation coincides with the previous one.They are here - messenger failures.If the cat throws at you - it's enemies.Very well, if in a dream will be able to kill or drive it away - you can avoid trouble.The same applies to the dirty and ragged dreamed cat.Cat's Meow and shriek portend harm of hypocritical friend."If you scratched the cat - it's in the loss of earnings" - says the dream book.A cat or kitten in the hands of women - to take part in some nefarious deeds.White cat means a loss of status, experiences and grief.

try to appeal to the dream book of Nostradamus.Here cat, on the one hand, is a witch and evil forces, on the other - the shrine, luck and coziness.Obviously, depending on the context in which it appears in his sleep.Interpretation of Nostradamus are more relevant to large-scale developments relating to the future of nations and peoples.It's something out of higher mathematics as regards the interpretation of dreams.

take some more simple dream book.Why dream of the French cats?It turns out the cat and here - the forerunner of turmoil.If you dream of a white cat - your loved one will change you.If the black - you will betray a woman.If you dream that your wife turns into a cat - expect it to frivolous actions.(This dream book is clearly written by a man!) A night cat fight on the French Dream book - to the night robbery.

Association arising from people at the sight of a cat, were embodied in many dream books, starting with the oldest.But since the time of the ancient Assyrians much water has flowed, and the value of the symbol "cat" has changed.After all, in ancient times he represented the cat goddess Bastet and was considered a sacred animal.Open ancient Assyrian Dream Book.Cat caught in a dream means execution of the most cherished dreams.Unfortunately, our understanding of this animal is now a little different.Obviously, the use of Assyrian dream book for the interpretation of "cat" image today is not necessary.

Take the best modern dream interpretation.Oh, he will be closer to our ideas.So, the modern dream interpretation: cat (cat) portends different.If it's black - it is a loss, if the white - to the acquisition.Wet cat portends anger.Well, it's understandable!Try to bathe a cat - it will show you what he is angry!The modern interpretation of the dream book offers different variants of the image.For example, a cat in a dream Thursday portends strong disappointment and misunderstanding on the part of relatives.And if you sleep with the cat fell on a Sunday - it shows that you still need a teacher.If you sleep on Saturday - it portends you to meet with a man who thinks of you in command.If you are bitten by a cat - a warning that your surroundings are traitors and liars.

Well, probably had enough of the cat.And still dream - and not avoid trouble!Fortunately, there are other animal characters, meaning friendship, gifts, grooms, wealth, hope.Better to let them dream about you.Good luck to you dreams!